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These are the Active Abilities not fitting in the other Catagories

Other Actives[]

Ability: Cast Spell Range: Varies
Type: Active Subtype: Spells
Cast Spell Allows the unit to cast spells
Ability: Dispel Magic Strength: 50%
Type: Active Subtype: Other Range: Short
Dispel Magic Attempts to dispel all magical buffs and debuffs on target unit
  • This excludes Physical Defense status ailments
  • Chance of Failure halves with each successive try on the same target
Ability: Phase Strength: N/A Range: Long
Type: Active Subtype: Other
Phase Teleports to target unoccupied Hex in Combat. The unit retains 1 Action Point, but no Movement
  • Requires 3 action points
  • Can only be used once per battle
  • Cannot be used by units that are Embarked Embarked
Ability: Shadow Step Range: Short
Type: Active Subtype: Active
Shadow Step Teleports the unit a short range. The unit has 1 action point after teleporting.
  • Cooldown: 2 Turn
Ability: Slip Away Subtype: Heal, Other
Type: Active Strength: 25 Hit Points Range: Medium
Slip Away The unit vanishes from sight, teleporting to a random location within range and recovering 25 Hit Points
  • Unit retains 1 action point, but 0 Movement.
  • Can only be used once per battle
  • Cannot be used by Embarked Embarked units.
Ability: Steal Enchantment Strength: 100%
Type: Active Subtype: Other Range: Short
Steal Enchantment Removes all Enchantments from target unit and transfers them to this unit.