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The following page contains the transcripts of the intro and ending texts of all missions from campaign. The first paragraph is always the intro, and the second paragraph the ending.


Heed my words Merlin, and you shall learn the path to the Wizard's Throne. I, Gabriel, shall guide you, and give you the power to master each sphere of magic. But first, you have much to learn and there is little time. Learn to gather sources of magical power. Let this mana flow through you. Allow it to inspire your mind and over time, you shall learn new spells. Or if you choose, focus these energies inward, to learn skills of power. The races of your world do not cooperate easily, but you will need them. You must be sensitive to each group and balance their needs and demands with your own. Do not be idle. Teach your people to be industrious, build tools, fortifications, and structures of power. Instruct them to expand over the face of the land. Lift them up, and they will help you expand your own domain by building monuments that enhance your abilities-even the greatest of all structures, the Wizard's Tower.

Well done, Merlin. You are ready to gather your people, and make them great again. Remember the lessons you have learned here in Evermore. Treat all people and power with fairness. Be patient and you shall prevail. Find my renegade wizards. Face them. Calm their fury. Bring them back to me. When you are tested sufficiently in a sphere of magic, return to me, and I will help you pass to the next sphere. Now go. The world awaits the hero you must become.

Fire 1[]

The desire for vengeance burns within me. Did I choose this place or did Gabriel? I had family in this desert. I was born here. And here, I am reborn. I lived here when times were pleasant, before demon cats slaughtered my people. I have tried to rouse them to fight back, but they fear the cat people and their fire god, Yaka. I will dispel their superstition, and gain their trust.

My followers will sleep well tonight. They won't be troubled by dreams of Tigran claws. Yaka's army flees beyond the southern dunes, routed. He is no god, merely a wizard of the Circle. He refused to recognize Gabriel's power in me, though I think I surprised him. Although my blood is hot to put down these wizards, first I must take care of my people. They need refuge, a land of their own. We must search. (edited)

Fire 2[]

I remember visiting a place near the mountains where rivers of ice flow downward towards the desert sands. Between mountain and desert, the melting ice has created fertile lands. Gabriel warned me of two wizards nearby who war over these precious green fields. If they remain at war, I can topple them both. The Humans will have a fertile homeland. Once my people find safety, then I will discover why Gabriel's wizards rebel against him. First, I must attend to my people.

I established peace and now my people possess a good land. I also struck a deal with Karissa. Her Orcs can have the arid lands I took from Yaka. She was amazed that a wizard would give back any of his domain. These wizards desperately seek lands by any means. But why? Artica is furious that I would favor Karissa, but how could I support Artica? She would encase this desert realm in ice and throw the world out of balance. Sadly, she may now be my permanent enemy.

Fire 3[]

Yaka rouses his forces in his ancient home, the birthplace of the Azracs, intent on slaying all the humans. His Tigrans have gained great power from this Sea of Fire. Karissa offered me command of an elite group of Orcs. These savage creatures are well-suited to withstand the hellish heat of Yaka's volcanic heartland. I will make good use of them. Yaka's cruel dream must be stopped.

The Sea of Fire is mine. Yaka has no more power in this land. I will take its more powerful magic for my people and then give these lands to Karissa and her Orcs. With her Orcs far away, Karissa can prosper without the temptation of my people upon her borders. My humans will be safe while I pursue Gabriel's agenda upon the mainland of the Blessed Continent.

Water 1[]

I feel within me the motion of the seas. Gabriel has endowed me with the power of Water. The humans talk fearfully of the vicious Goblin hordes. Out of desperation they have chosen to bow down to a cruel water goddess named Nimue. She demands the people sacrifice their fair daughters to prove their loyalty to her. Gabriel informs me that Nimue is a wizard, whose vanity and envy is legendary, even within the Circle. We shall see. The wizard Marinus used to hold this land, but his Halfling followers have no mind for war. Marinus is greatly weakened and has asked for Gabriel's help. He claims he cannot return to Evermore by his own power. The Halflings are savvy tradesmen and could provide my colonies with commerce, but wresting the minds of my fellow humans free from Nimue's embrace will be difficult.

Now that I have freed the Halflings from the tyranny of Nimue and the Goblins, the Halflings are anxious to meet new friends across the seas. Marinus has troubling news. His tower in Evermore was taken by a conspiracy of wizards within the Circle, acting to conceal their actions from Gabriel. Without his tower, he is trapped here. Marinus believes the conspiracy's actions are two-fold: to gather power in this land, and use it to gain greater power in Evermore.

Water 2[]

The Halflings are ready to sail, but the Serpent River remains an obstacle. Without free passage, the tiny ships will never reach the seas to the south and my colonies beyond. I must control this waterway. Gabriel reaffirmed what Marinus reported. A mystic darkness obscures Marinus's tower in Evermore, and it is spreading. As it expands, Gabriel loses dominion in Evermore. Gabriel wants me to track down the conspirators who plotted against Marinus before their ambition overpowers other realms.

The first fleet of Halfling ships is away! Nimue's influence has dwindled and the humans can now live free from her terror. The alliance between Nimue and Nekron is troubling, though. Neither wizard would admit their true reasons for their alliance. They act as gods, expecting reverence, and claim their only desire is to restore balance. Then they rend the lands and flood the earth with cataclysms. Gabriel still suspects a conspiracy, but all I see is madness.

Water 3[]

Centuries ago, an eccentric halfling gave an island to the Elves. The Elves, battered from the loss of their Wizard-King Inioch and their Valley of Wonders, flourished upon this island, named Aldor. Inioch's daughter Julia later led the Elves back to reclaim the Valley, abandoning Aldor. The island fell to darkness. Now the Halflings want me to reclaim it. I admit I am intrigued by the prospect to explore a place which once hosted Julia, before she ascended to be Queen in the Valley of Wonders.

The halflings have returned to Aldor. It will again flourish under their care. My people will also benefit from this good deed. The island provides another safe port of call. But I must forget the visions of Julia's old home, and concentrate upon Gabriel's quest. Only by mastering all the spheres of magic will I be able to restore lasting order and balance to this land.

Life 1[]

Gabriel has endowed me with the Sphere of Life. It was a strange transformation that took much of his energy to complete. He trembled under the strain as he bestowed the power of life. Even now, Gabriel's aura fades. Are there greater changes in Evermore? And what of this land? I must find a people wise in these ways. I'll seek Julia's Elves in the Valley of Wonders. Even now, Queen Julia gathers her allies. Gabriel wants me to join them. Elven resentment of humanity is no secret. Too much blood has been spilt. Gabriel is right. It is time to heal old wounds. It is time for the Humans to restore the Elves. This ageless queen fascinates me. I often see Julia's image in my dreams. I will assist her and change her people's hearts. I am to escort Serena, the Elf Wizard of Life, to Julia's palace. Serena doesn't trust me and refuses to consult with me without hosts of elite guards. She is disagreeable, but her powers are considerable and her behavior is not unusual for an Elf. Even now, a group of wizards moves to counter us. The conspiracy emerges from the shadows. They wish to keep us from entering the Valley of Wonders, and, in exposing themselves, they have made a fatal mistake.

Julia is gracious. I feel a sense of wonder in her presence that outweighs any other influence upon my mind. The traitorous wizards took flight, fearful of Julia's alliance. Tomorrow, we will deal with them. Tonight, I will rest. Julia has tried to shelter me from Serena's hostility, but her Elves view me with suspicion. Elven memory is long. I suspect they punish us for the sins of the fathers we no longer remember.

Life 2[]

Julia is gone! I can scarcely believe it! An Ice Drake stole her away. I was in the Throne Room when it burst through the window. I suspected Artica, but before I could explain to the Court, Serena set her guard after me, claiming that I conspired with Artica. With Anon's help, I escaped. Now, enemy wizards approach, but Serena, blinded by her hatred of humans, believes her Elves can handle any threats to the Valley. She thinks I am to blame for all the land's woes. The Elves eagerly believe her. I must escape the Valley of Wonders.

I escaped, but I have no hope to regain the trust of the Elves without restoring Julia. I must go after Artica. Gabriel's powers are weakening, while Artica appears to have grown significantly in power. The Valley of Wonder holds many mysteries. These wizards needed the Valley for some reason. Serena cannot hold it, and now they have Julia. While exploring the Valley, I felt another power there, an influence I am glad to no longer feel.

Life 3[]

A small force of Elves, loyal to Julia, fled the Valley of Wonders when the enemy invaded. They are scholars, not warriors. Normally, I would ignore them, but they are being pursued by three wizards intent upon destroying them. Do they know something of Julia? Is the conspiracy trying to hide some bit of evidence? By helping them I may gain Elven trust. I may be able to learn something valuable.

These Elves believe Serena rebelled against Julia. If they are right, Serena is a conspirator against all life. She believes Gabriel has no rightful claim in Evermore. The Elves believe that the traitors want to restore an Age of Magic. They discuss Covenants, Archons, Elves, Inioch's betrayal, Human betrayal, and Queen Julia's abdication of the Wizard's Throne to Gabriel. Unlike these Elves, I am human and haven't the luxury of time or lengthy debate, so I go.

Air 1[]

The power of Air is mine. Julia shall be freed from Artica's icy clutches. Artica's domains are melting. The Frostlings scatter into the tundra, but she still holds one large region. She must have spent all her energies in kidnapping Julia. Now a number of rogue wizards consume what remains of her kingdom. Evidently, this conspiracy of wizards is not opposed to turning against one of their own. I don't care what happens to Artica but I must retrieve Julia alive.

What a fool I've been! I assumed the Ice Drake belonged to Artica, because Serena said it was so. But Artica was a decoy. The traitor is Serena. She betrayed Julia and blamed me. She did not care about the enemy, because she was one of them. Now they hold Julia and the Valley of Wonders. Artica showed me visions of the Air Wizard Tempest, Master of Dragons. He coerced the Ice Drake and concealed it with his powers, while Serena numbed our minds. Tempest, Serena, Nekron , Yaka, Mab, and Nimue are all traitors.

Air 2[]

Artica's power over Air enables her to see things other wizards do not. She showed me the circle of traitors in the Elven Court. They encircled Julia in a conjuring ceremony, but what they intended, I do not know. There is a power in the Valley, and it is somehow unlocked through Julia. Artica does not know the meaning of her visions, but it is clear that their gathering would be forbidden by Gabriel. Artica thinks I should attack Tempest. She has shown me his treachery from the very beginning. He commands an army horde of Draconians. These abominable creatures are neither dragon nor man. It was Tempest who sent dragons to destroy my Air Ship. Was it not for Gabriel's magic, I would be dead. Tempest's dragon stole Julia, while Serena's magic masked it from my sight. He has hidden in the fog for too long. It is time he did more than dabble in war, I shall bring it to his heart.

Even as we rejoice in Tempest's humiliation, I am filled with doubts. Artica has revealed that she lost her tower in Evermore many days ago, and she thinks that perhaps only Anon and Gabriel hold power outside the Circle of Traitors. The attacks on this realm appear to be diversions while much of the true war was waged against Gabriel's Throne. Even now, his power is but a whisper. The strain of the war drains him. I must return before Gabriel has no strength.

Air 3[]

Tempest's ally, Nekron, has plundered the dragon's most sacred realm, the Garden of Bones. It is a hidden graveyard for dragons. Nekron intends to raise powerful Bone Dragons to serve him. He claims to have simply found the graveyard by his own power. A group of draconians, loyal to the Dragons, asked me to stop him. If I can, I will prove that Tempest showed Nekron where to find the graveyard and that neither are friends of dragonkind.

Tempest's dragons have seen past his lies. The wizard of Air is greatly diminished now. I continue to thwart Nekron's forces. These wizards have spread their powers thin in pursuit of their secret agenda. Though I do not know what power they have stored in Evermore, I know that they have been casual with the beings of this world. I have made them pay dearly.

Earth 1[]

Gabriel is gone. I can no longer feel his power in me. I entered the Wizard's Throne Room. Gabriel said nothing. He pointed to the sphere of earth. I wanted to help him. I wanted to fight the circle of traitors that mounted this attack against him, but he forbade me. Even to the end he believed this quest would work. With his last spark of power he forced me through the sphere of Earth, deep within this world. Gabriel's presence is gone. The conspirators have taken the Wizard's Throne. This was their design all along. Their movements on the Blessed Continent were diversions as they crept over Evermore, securing the necessary towers to overpower Gabriel. Without Gabriel I cannot return to Evermore, and cannot complete my quest. I am doomed to wander in these caverns. This earth is my grave. With the power of the Throne in villainous hands, nothing in this world can endure.

I am learning to appreciate the ways of the Dwarf and Earth. Dwarves work among forges. It is a strong symbol, reminding me that I must remain true to Gabriel's vision, despite the heat. Like the Dwarves I must invent a new solution. The tunnels of stone hold many mysteries, including one wizard who has been strangely detached from the fighting on the surface world. This death wizard, may know how I can complete Gabriel's quest.

Earth 2[]

Arachna awaits somewhere in the darkness. Deep in the caves, she and her Dark Elves are ready to pounce from funnels of web and shadow. Still, I must go. I must subdue her, and get her to listen to me. I must do it for the fair Queen Julia. I must do it for my people and for Arachna's own followers, the Dark Elves. They must see that Humans can befriend elves. I can set things right again.

Arachna has surrendered, but she refuses to support my cause. She thinks she can hide from the new Wizard's Throne. Her followers hate Evermore, and will not go there. I suspect she is afraid. Still, she has given me access to the Hallowed Halls, the burial ground for Elves. It is a sacred place for the Dark Elves. All Elves are immortal and should never die, but many died in this world, and thus Dark Elves exist. If I am to learn anything about death, it will be in the monument forged by Human violence.

Earth 3[]

The Dwarves have forged many items, but nothing quite so grand as a sword of great power, said to unite warring factions. It is probably a legend, but if such a sword did exist, it would be useful. Dwarves love riddles, stories and myths. I don't know if I can trust them, but this sword is said to be hidden in the ancient forges near a place called Deepmir. It is said to be able to cleave stone. I will search for this sword hidden in stone.

The sword is indeed marvelous. I am not sure how it will assist me, or if it has any power over the minds of people, but I am intrigued by the Dwarven legends. I will remember them, and perhaps they will serve me, if not now, then in some future age.

Death 1[]

Arachna was right. There is a power of death here in the Hallowed Halls. I felt that power in the Valley of Wonders. It is the power I denied within me. I see it now. Gabriel hid it, but as I walked through the Hallowed Halls, I passed near the tomb of Queen Julia's brother, Meandor. There I saw a vision of myself, in a pool. I saw death. I need no transition to death, for I have been dead all along. It was no dream, I drowned, and then Gabriel appeared. Meandor was the brother and enemy of Julia in life. Now, he is here with me in the Halls. He claims that Julia is a key to the traitor's plan, and that there is more to the plan than merely possessing the Wizard's Throne. He also believes that time is short. I don't know whether to believe him, or think him mad. For Julia's sake, I will prove myself to this apparition. I must embrace the power of death and rise to Meandor's challenge.

Meandor has opened my eyes to the nature of death. Beyond its gates lie the pathways to freedom and truth. To some, that truth is heaven, but to others it is hell. Meandor claims he knows the motivations of these wizards, because he has endured the hell of centuries caught between the extremes of his father's shadow and his sister's heart. I don't know what it all means, but Meandor claims that it is the fear of death and change that motivated the wizards to take such drastic actions against Gabriel.

Death 2[]

The Elves of Heartwood Forest hosted Serena. Meandor could feel the presence of his sister there. He believes we must go there and tear down the Elves who fear the death of their world. My heart is heavy. I have grown to love the Elves. Julia's bright smile still burns in my mind, but these Elves have acted to the destruction of this world and allow genocide against my people. I cannot waver now, I must finish this work and see to it that Gabriel's quest is completed.

Serena and all the conspirators have fled to Evermore. They believe they are untouchable in that realm, but there is another way to enter. Centuries past, the Elves took ships to Evermore, past some Isles in the mists of the sea. Meandor knows the way. He insists upon joining me on the voyage to Evermore. He no longer fears what that land might hold, as his Dark Elves once feared.

Death 3[]

I am drawn to these nearby islands where I sense a familiar presence-not Gabriel, but the traitors. They use Gabriel's powers as a beacon to gather the heroes of the land. I am eager to go to Evermore, but I fear for these pilgrims, flocking here, believing they can join a new Wizard's Circle. They know nothing of the path I have tread, but believe that because I was able to gain power, they can easily learn the ways of the Wizard. Now that I understand Gabriel's true gift, I cannot tolerate such a lie.

Nekron and Nimue have retreated to Evermore, and the heroes of this land are dispersing. I am amazed by the things men do for power. They desire to dominate their world so much so that they abandon their wits. Nekron had no intention to share his power. Sadly, he coerced many into his trap. Slaying these nobles, he reshaped them to serve as undead warriors. Such a senseless loss… It is time to enter Evermore and put a final stop to these monstrous wizards.


Merlin, hear me! This moment in death, the very cosmos quakes; I can reach to you from beyond the void and warn you. Inioch stirs. The Dark Lord of Death rises again. Desperate to return to the Ancient Ways, the rebel wizards sacrificed the Wizard's Throne to entreat Chaos itself. Inioch seduced them. From the Valley of Wonders he enticed them with obscene dreams. He lies. Inioch will tear asunder all creation to rid the world of the Age of Men and reform the world into something that never existed. Inioch's daughter, Julia, is the vessel he inhabits. Inioch will consume her. She decays in his embrace. Only you can save her. Rid this world of Inioch. Merlin. You have learned each sphere, now master the Sphere of Cosmos. My friend, you must forget me. Go now, out of death. It is yours now, Merlin. Claim the Wizard's Throne!

Victory is mine. From the Wizard's Throne I have the power to restore Julia and cast out Inioch. I feel it now-that other power. It freed Meandor's soul from a life of hatred. It preserved Julia's soul from a dark end. And it brought my people back from their demise. It is the fury in war and the structure of peace. Elusive as it may be, I see it as I gaze upon Julia's still face and bend to its majesty.