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The following page contains the transcripts of the intro and ending texts of all missions from campaign. The first paragraph in italics describes the area, the second is the scenario intro, and the last paragraph is the scenario ending.

Symon 1[]

The Peaceful lands around this hill are untouched by the events in the nearby Valley of Wonders. Guarded by fairies, this mystical hill is an ancient burial mound of the Halfling king, Smithan Proudfriend.

Symon, Julia has told me about you. I am Merlin. The apparition before you is named Teryn-a gifted, elusive spirit. Thanks to Teryn's talent, although I am suspended in shadow, my mind can escape this torturous prison. Like you, Symon, I have the gift of magic, and it has earned me many foes. As an outcast, you must feel great anger and fear, but forgive me if I do not coddle you. Phobius drives all people to madness. They allow their souls to weaken and decay, but you cannot afford the same mistake, no matter how justifiable. See the light in the people who fear you. Learn compassion, as Julia has shown to you. She believes you have more than magic within you. If you heed my words, you shall learn great power, but without the guidance of your soul, you will forever be an outcast. This whole war is about the strength of souls.

Well done. I sense that you already have made good friends amongst the Halflings. When I first learned the ways of the Wizard, my Master Gabriel sent me to aid these little fellows. Though my people were few and ragged, the Halflings were quick to accept us. They are kind-hearted, generous folk, despite their many hardships. You would do well to learn, as they have, to sing in the face of despair.

Symon 2[]

This crumbling tower is the only surviving monument of the Elves' great Empire in the Valley of Wonders, but a sad one, now lonely and forgotten. Recently, stranger shadows darken its broken walls.

Symon, let us now unlock your true powers. You will come to understand why others fear you. Their fears are not entirely unjustified. Behold a wizard's tower, or what is left of one. Using these structures, wizards can call down the powers of heaven, shred mountains, and drown legions. Teryn and I will instruct you, but it is up to you to decide how to expend your power. We trust you to choose wisely. This tower was destroyed by the very beings that hold me captive-the Shadow Demons. These creatures use magic to feed upon the weakness of souls. They have eaten countless worlds. Teryn is one of the last of her world. We did not know this when they first appeared. Some wizards thought they could control the demons, but they grew too fast. They spread like a plague. Now they appear unstoppable.

Excellent, lad! Now you know my captors. For a moment I sensed the echo of fear throughout the shadow world as you finished off the last of their scouts. I sense you have blinded these demon creatures to your part of the land. For the first time in a long while, they struggle to swallow our world. You have made them choke! They will try to punch their way back into your realm-to destroy the lands you have tamed. Be on your guard, young Symon. Your feats have made you enemies.

Symon 3[]

This small fishing community has little tolerance for strangers or 'eccentrics'. After Phobius claimed these lands as his own, shamans and mages fled the ensuing persecution. Their 'gift' turned against them.

You are ready to return to your homeland. Seek to bolster the people's confidence in you. You have learned of the Shadow demons' love of souls. Fear is their strength, but you have a greater power. Like the demons, Phobius rules by intimidation, pointing out differences and establishing strict rule over magic. Only those he deems worthy are allowed to use magic. He claims we abuse magic from birth, while he will waste cities if it suits his image. Those that criticize him disappear by the hand of the brutal Vorsar, his first commander. I have given you strength enough to inspire your people to throw off their lies. Purge Heimburg of Phobius and his lackey Vorsar.

The void wavers. Phobius's defeat has affected these creatures as well. Interesting. I will have to ponder the strange connection between the Phobian Empire and these demons. Somehow the Shadow Demons benefit from the hateful human empire. You will need to maintain these lands. I trust you to hold them until my rebel wizards can strike at them elsewhere. I strongly believe this empire of fear will fracture, unable to fight on every front. Beware the crippling powers of fear, hate and anger. I trust you to avoid such traps. Your courage has given me strength to endure my hellish torture. For that, I thank you. Julia was right. You have strength of spirit well beyond your years. Farewell, Symon. I look forward to the day I call upon your aid again.

Julia 1[]

Home of the woodelves, Norwood is the home of reclusive beings who savor the sacred tranquility of their ancient trees and their cousins the Treemen. This revered haven has always been their home, and they will protect it with their lives.

Lady Julia, your heart strengthens me to endure the torture of this void. Yes, I am in great pain, but I ask you not to worry about me. Instead, focus on the troubles facing all people. I sense the Shadow Demons gain great strength from chaos. That fool, Phobius, who rose so quickly to popularity among the humans, has plunged us all into battle. He must not be allowed more power. Now it appears Vorsar has secretly gathered a force to conquer the Elves of Norwood. He spins lies about the quiet friends of the forest, insisting that they must be in league with the demons or they would not hide so. You must not allow his mobs to desecrate these ancient treasures.

Well done, my friend. By razing the Shadow Demon's city, you have proven to his mob that Vorsar is a liar. They know the Elves are no friend to Demons. Now that the sylvan creatures are organized, they will hold Norwood secure from attack by greedy men or demons. It pains me that you and your people must once again pay a terrible price to teach men to trust the good caretakers of this world. I fear it is your fate to suffer the tantrums of hungry, short-lived mortals. In regards to your worries, I am not sure about the source of the Shadow Demons. Teryn says they are not from the world we call the Shadow World. Phobius justified banning magic in his empire, claiming he would starve the creatures, but they do not feed on magic. Phobius refuses to listen, so we must oppose him and hope that his people will not be fooled.

Julia 2[]

In times of trouble, the Dwarves headed east and stumbled across the caves of Abydor, where they took refuge and crafted great halls.

Men are not the only beings to mistrust the mystic arts. Deep in the earth hides an ex-wizard and friend of mine. Fangir abandoned the way of the wizard for fear that magic might attract more Shadow Demons. Even so, they materialize in the fissures of the earth. You must show Fangir that magic can defeat them. He must take up the power of the earth, expel the demons, and seal the breaches that plague his Dwarven kin.

Well done, Julia. The mountain wilderness of Abydor echoes with songs of Dwarven joy. No longer does the slither of larvae and the clack of demon claws chill the hearts of these defenders of the earth. Fangir's return to wizardry gives me great hope that this world may yet be healed.

Julia 3[]

South of Norwood lie the Sanctuary Woods, an even older forest, where the trees themselves have grown tired of the world and its inhabitant's squabbles. Also a refuge for many shady creatures and outcasts.

Tales of your victories race across the land. Rumors abound about the glorious return of Queen Julia. Your forests are sanctuary to those fleeing the tyranny of Phobius and the terror of the Shadow Demons. I fear that enmity between the races will flare. Phobius uses those differences to destroy. You are the only wizard qualified to juggle the sensitivities of so many different beings. Beware of Phobius. He will seek the opportunity to prove that any attempt to keep the peace is in vain. He will try to prove that you are weak, and will justify his brutality as truth. Expose him as a fraud.

You have humiliated Phobius! The forestlands remain a shelter for those flocking to freedom. Sure, the races of the land squabbled, but you have proven to them all that Phobius is not invincible, and his stony rhetoric cracks when challenged. I must now ask you to do something difficult. You must remain here for a time. Promise me you will not try to find me. I know you. Trust me in this. There is too much fear in the world. Already your deeds reverberate in all the minds of the people. I need you visible. You must gather in every outcast. The Shadow Demons must be weakened. I promise I shall seek your help again. Until then, Noble Queen, remain safe, not for your own sake, but for the sake of this world.

Ke-Nan 1[]

The unforgiving Desert of Kesh can make life difficult, with oases few and far apart. Yet, the tribes of Nomads call it home and base their slave trade here, raiding the surrounding lands.

Ke-nan. It's Merlin. Sadly, while you journeyed to the Wizard's Council your father died. Sahira, your father's Shaman, has grown accustomed to your Royal Tent, and refuses to leave it. She plots your demise, for she will do anything to keep her place among the Nomads. Seduced by the Shadow Demons, she promises to restore your people to an age of power unmatched even by your ancestors of the ancient Azrac Empire. Sahira believes the demons will spare her people as they consume the world. With their aid, she has enslaved many of the surrounding peoples and is delivering them to the demons. Sadly, these races' hatred of the nomads is greater than ever and they don't care that you are not to blame for their losses.

Rest now, Ke-nan. Mourn your Father's passing as is your right and custom. The Nomads will bow to the funeral pyre, and swallow the sparks that fly from the blaze, and your Father will rest with honor in the skies. Though it brings little comfort, let me assure you that Sahira has not escaped in exile. She was snatched away by the Shadow Demons, only to learn what comes of one who bargains with these hungry creatures. She is in their debt now. In the end, your victory will consign her to the same grim fate that she forced upon her slaves.

Ke-Nan 2[]

The oasis is a welcome sight for anyone travelling the north-south trade route. However, it has been claimed by the Phobian Empire, who now use the trade route for their own purposes.

Deep in the desert, Teryn has detected a strange presence. She jitters. I am struggling to understand her excitement. She detected an escort party in the far sands. Phobius hired a Draconian wizard to take a considerable army deep into the sandy wastes. A being of great importance to all our destinies accompanies them. It remains unclear whether the entity is a prisoner or a guest. I believe their destination is a Shadow Gate. The being's name is O'neron-someone Teryn knew. Find him, but beware of various local tribes that are not fond of trespassers.

O'neron was once a sage amongst the Syron. They ruled the Shadow World-before it was dark and sickening. They fought the Shadow Demons for thousands of years, until their world was consumed. The Syron served as slaves to feed the demon appetite until they found a new world to devour. O'neron escaped to our world, seeking help. He fled to Phobius. The paranoid emperor accused O'neron of spying for the demons and with much fanfare announced to his people his intention to send O'neron back to the pit from whence he came. With him as a hostage, He vowed to enter O'neron's Shadow Gate and destroy all the 'new demons.' I suspect he used Draconians, not only because they are immune to the sickening effects of the Shadow World, but because he sees them as expendable monsters

Ke-Nan 3[]

In a desert, a river never flows the same way twice. Yet, the river Amtar has always found its way through the dry sand in a predictable route, providing some valuable irrigation.

Phobius cannot lose face. He demands unquestioned obedience, and suspects his lackey Vorsar is no longer loyal. So what better way to eliminate a rival than to send Vorsar on the Draconian suicide mission? Vorsar must know he is marching to his doom. Phobius made such a public affair of the draconian mission that the Shadow Demons have amassed an overwhelming force of Syron slaves to crush any threat. They have devoured the mind of a Syron Wizard named Yaru. Once a friend of O'neron, this soulless puppet now waits to deliver death. Phobius' empire fractures. If you can turn Vorsar against his master, we can end the hold he has over the humans and unite the people against a common enemy.

Sadly, neither Vorsar nor Yaru is capable of seeing truth; one by choice, the other by compulsion. The horrors of the Demon slaves have torn O'neron's heart apart. He is beyond consolation. Phobius is claiming your victory as his own. He has made his victim, Vorsar, into a martyr. It is now time to deal with Phobius once and for all. I must rely upon you to prepare O'neron. I will need him soon. Show him that change is possible. You seek to free your people of their dependence on slavery, and give them a higher purpose. Have not the horrors of the Shadow Demon slaves taught your people enough? Show O'neron that the suffering of his people will not be forgotten. There is always hope, as long as one man can do good. Fare thee well, my friend.

Meandor 1[]

These swamplands are filthy enough to make their inhabitants harsh and unfriendly. This also makes the swamps an ideal location for Phobius' prison camps; flying insects and stinking mud keep the prisoners from escaping.

Greetings Meandor. Once you guided me through a realm of death when my own Master, Gabriel, was betrayed by his wizards and cast into the void. Now I must guide you through another hell. With Teryn as my eyes, I see that you have gathered a force of outcasts to fight for you. Teryn will lead you to a stronger power, a race known as the Syron. Convince them to fight the Shadow Demons. The last of their people are being devoured-fed to the demon hives. They know only slavery, but I need the Syron to rebel. Go! Awaken their killing instincts.

I know that Teryn annoys you with her dancing, but she has great reason to rejoice. Because of your efforts, the Syron-Teryn's people-are a step closer to true freedom. They've established a place of strength where they can fight free of demon shackles. Oh, and Meandor, do not think I failed to notice your new pets. The Demon Larvae you insist on hatching in the shadows are volatile things. You may be right, perhaps they can be used to shatter the demon's hive-mind, but many wizards have tried this, only to become mindless puppets.

Meandor 2[]

Farms and mills line the fields of the Urland, now the rapidly expanding agricultural heart of the Phobian Empire. But this wasn't always so; this land used to be all swamp and jungle, where giant lizards roamed. They now raid the land that was once their home.

Meandor, before you teach your Larvae to call you "father", let us first strike a blow against Phobius. Six heroes, once loyal to the rising Queen Julia, have met to make a grab for her power. They are funded by Phobius, and hide in his richest lands, plotting Queen Julia's assassination. Her popularity has grown to legendary status, but she refuses to use the power to reinstate the old ways of privilege and royal favors. While Phobius treats these traitors to obscene luxury, I think it is time her elder brother stepped out of the shadows to show what comes of the old ways. Slay the six conspirators. Show Phobius the fate of those who tangle with a Wizard of Death.

Well done! Phobius' assassins are no more, and his tricks of deceit and intimidation have failed him. The ancient races withdraw their support in favor of the bright Elf Queen that fights with her people on the frontlines of the battlefields. While Phobius continues to flee and hide behind great walled fortresses, churning up hate and fear to motivate the people, Queen Julia stands stalwart against the invaders. Thanks to your efforts, she remains safe. Phobius's plot is spoiled. The moldering bodies of his traitorous heroes shall nourish the crops of Urland field.

Meandor 3[]

The heart of the Phobian Empire is his capital, Stronghelm, a magnificent city, but young; built to Phobius's whims. Surrounded by mountains and forts, Stronghelm is an impressive stronghold.

It is time, Meandor. Phobius draws his fighting forces to Stronghelm City. He claims that the last, great battle is upon them-a matter of prophecy. He preaches to the end, claiming the wicked will fall, and only the valiant will be spared. Women and children clamor at the fortress gates, pleading for the safety of high walls. Hear their cries. Ignored and terrified, they await a fate of slaughter. They expect no less. For their sins, they cannot retreat to the Elf Queen, Phobius has abandoned them, and the Shadow Demons skulk about, ready to devour their souls. Free them. Strike at the heart of the illness. Pass over the praying mothers and children; go to their heart. Take Death to Phobius.

Though you hide in shadows, rumors echo through the Human settlements of a Dark Elf savior who controls Demons and liberates their kind. Phobius is no more. Queen Julia has sent an envoy, and wagons filled with food and supplies. The outcasts return, bringing with them healing and wisdom. It is a strange day when the champions of Life and Death unite. By doing so, you strike fear to the core of the All-Devourer. The Shadow Demons are desperate. We have pushed them to the brink of defeat. A great dimensional rift has opened in the east, and is tearing the world apart. But all is not yet lost, for we still have an ally in that region -a Syron Wizard, O'neron. Act as a decoy to distract these hellish insects while O'neron helps to save the souls caught in the wake of this cataclysm.

O'neron 1[]

Once a powerful Dwarven outpost, the land has turned to wasteland. The battles destroyed most cities and scarred nature. Still, many dwarven tunnels remain where a few survivors still cling to life.

Aye, O'neron, it has begun. The Shadow Demons are moving faster than they ever have, hungrily tearing at the fabric of reality, but they cannot do so without paying a price. What took millennia to complete on your world threatens to swallow this one in weeks. I have sent Teryn to find the source of the Demons' power. I feel it, tearing through me. So much pain and magic. Hard to focus... despair not. This is not your world. We shall not allow it to happen again. O'neron, we need you. Rescue as many as you can, help is coming. Your people, they come. Find refugees, and survive, until I can tell you where you must go to stop this nightmare.

Your spirits are high. The Forceships whisked away the refugees. I sense your joy in seeing your Syron people again. I have little time. The void is closing in around me, while energy shreds my soul. I came here to learn of the enemy, and I think I found something, but I fear the All-Devourer desires my soul. He knows of my trick. Teryn hides. She should be safe, but, with his attention upon me, I cannot resist the voices much longer. Watch yourself, O'neron. Look to the East. Go toward the Sunbirth Mountains, through the Shadowlands.

O'neron 2[]

The Empire regularly sent troops to this remote area. Little is known about the shadow lands, or the expedition's business there. I cannot speak long. The All-Devourer has turned the force of his will upon me. You must pass through shadow. Teryn knows the way. This place gave Phobius power. With the All-devourer's attention on me, Vorsar has escaped the demon-hive mind. Insane. He hears the voices... the voices... He will come for you. Ke-nan tried to warn him... He blames you... Hurry O'neron! East to the Sunbirth Mountains... They are there... They betrayed my Master. They will destroy us all.

We must fight it. If we fail, we become as Vorsar: insane. Your victories distract the great Beast of the Void. The Beast is supreme. Bow before the All-Devourer... the, the, the... I am losing my mind... The souls... Too many to count. They are coming.

O'neiron 3[]

The eastern border to the Empire, and civilization. Few explorers have ventured beyond these mountains, and none have returned. It is said there is a great magical energy in the very rocks of these dark mountains.

Six elements of creation... Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life and Death. Each fuels the rift. O'neron, come. Join the conflux. Searing pain... Six elements form the world anew... Make the traitors pay! Destroy each. Destroy. They destroyed my Master Gabriel. They will destroy us all. O'neron? Can you hear it? The All-Devourer knows! He knows your mission. He has stopped fighting me for a moment. You are close to where I am. He readies a terrible force against you. I can only watch. Remember Freedom. Trust. Peel back this destruction.

The Invasion failed... The All-Devourer flees. I am mired in the anguish of every soul drawn into captivity by these demons. Chained by vices and tied to fear, they are flooded with hopelessness, but your victory has dispelled that intoxicating brew. The rift seals, but I am still here in the void. There are many... Drifting... Though she knows the way, Teryn cannot free me. Only true Wizards can face the All-Devourer, and liberate these captive souls.


A Well of Souls --The center of the Hive mind is a great prison, where souls damned by the Shadow Demons are shackled, packaged and processed for absorption into the Hive.

I-I found him. Can it be? One... among billions of spirits. He strengthens me, as he once did. My old Master, Gabriel. I found his soul! The traitors exiled my friend to the Void-where the Shadow Demons slept. The All-Devourer awoke. They cannot hide their mind from me. They will close the rift and wait, as they always do. It is their instinct. They shall feed on sparks from their captive souls, while Men forget, Elves dwindle, and Magic is forsaken. Then they will return. They used me to open the rift. I will hold it. Gabriel gives me strength. Hurry to the All-Devourer's heart. It may be certain doom, but it is all that we can do.

The All-Devourer is vanquished. His Demons retreat beyond the void where they held me. Billions of captive souls fly free and pass on to their final destination One of them lingers, it is my Master Gabriel. Our meeting is brief. The Demons know this world now and that it is tainted by greed. Perhaps someday they will return, but for now they are on the run. O'neron and Teryn prepare with Gabriel to depart for distant worlds, looking for any trace of the Shadow Demons. Julia, Meandor, Ke-nan and even young Symon will now return to help their people. Alliances, Prosperity, Security all traded for obedience. I confess I am skeptical. All I see is Phobius-his madness. Bad leaders, good leaders: the differences are too subtle for me. Let others meddle with kings and knights. I want no more of it-just a quiet place. Let me fade from this world with the old magic. Yes, that is my wish, let Merlin be forgotten from this coming Age of Men.