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Vanquished an evil player: +400

Forged an Alliance: +100

Forged an Alliance with a Former Enemy: +100

Released City as a Vassal: +50

Signed Peace Treaty: +50

Made Peace with Independents: +25

Showed mercy to guards: +25

Made Independent City a Vassal: +25

Bought Favour with Independents: +25

Hunted down fleeing guards: -25

Broke a Peace Treaty with Independents: -25

Declared War on Independents of your own Race: -50

Declared War on Independents: -50

Attacked Hero that offered to join you: -50

Provoked a War by Trespassing: -50

Declared War: -100

Broke an Alliance: -100

Migrated City: -100

Started War against an Ally: -100

Razed an Occupied City: -150

Plundered a City: -150

Razed your own City: -200

Vanquished a Good Player: -400


In the game, your Alignment represents what the people at large think of you; a Good Alignment Good alignment means you've done things most people consider good, and and Evil Alignment Evil alignment represents having done acts of Evil. Independent stacks will react differently to you according to your alignment, and independent cities will like you more if you have an alignment close to theirs, which in turn will make it cheaper to turn them to your side.

Also, Units that are Dedicated to either Good Alignment Good or Evil Alignment Evil will suffer a Happiness Morale penalty if the owner has the wrong alignment.

At the Alignment scale, positive values represent Good Alignment Good Alignment; negative values represent Evil Alignment Evil Alignment.

Alignment Pure Good Good Slightly Good Neutral Slightly Evil Evil Pure Evil
Upper value limit: No limit 599 399 199 -200 -400 -600
Lower Value limit: 600 400 200 -199 -399 -599 No limit
Dedicated to Good Dedicated to Good Happiness Penalty 0 0 0 -200 -500 -800 -1100
Dedicated to Evil Dedicated to Evil Happiness Penalty -1100 -800 -500 -200 0 0 0
Dedicated to Neutral Dedicated to Neutral Happiness Penalty -800 -500 -200 0 -200 -500 -800