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Cheats were copied from gamefaqs website.

At the launcher, go to Miscellaneous and tick "run in debug mode", then in game hold control+alt and press C, then type the code and press Enter-. Note that some of these cheats can cause the game to become unstable. Cheat Effect

Putting in the code a second time will disable the cheat.

NEXTTURN advances a turn

TASMAN explores map, does not turn off Fog of War

CRUIJFF free movement

HUYGENS free spells

GLOOMYCITY give selected city -1000 happiness

BOSCH gives 100.000 gold

THXBRIAN gives 100.000 gold & mana, reveals map, gives all upgrades & spells (this one doesn't work)

REMBRANDT gives 100.000 mana

GERARDS instant loss

PHILIPS instant production of current queue in every city

HEIN instant win

ERASMUS instantly research all upgrades/spells

LEEUWENHOEK instantly research current upgrade/spell

HAUER level up hero(es) in selected army

BARENTZ reveal map including Fog of War

RUYTER spawn hero

SPINOZA unlock all upgrades/spells (this one doesn't work)