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Dwellings are the cities of non-main races; you cannot start a game as them. They spawn randomly based on map generation preferences in the advanced set-up in Random Maps. Players may interact with them in the same way with as Independent cities in that they may to do quests, wage war against, conquer and assimilate them. Dwellings provide units based on their race, of which there are currently six: Giants, Dragons, Fey, Archons, Naga and Merfolk. These units may be very powerful: the Golden Dragon, produced at a Dragon's Lair dwelling, is arguably the strongest unit in the game.

All specific information about the dwellings, their units, and their buildings, are found on their respective pages. Note that dwellings can utilise every resource except for Population Population.

Dragon's Peak[edit | edit source]

The Dragons are an ancient race of powerful reptilian creatures. Born into this world during its creation, the Dragons are said to have shaped the world for the other races to inhabit. Each Dragon type to emerge represented one element; ranging from metals and gems to fire and frost. The Giants came next, shaping the land in finer detail, often changing what the Dragons had formed. This is thought to be the source of the fierce animosity between the two races. All Dragons can fly and possess powerful magical abilities and immunities, combining breath attacks with powerful claws.

--The Tome of Wonders

Giant's Keep[edit | edit source]

According to ancient scripture, the Giant kin helped the Allfather form the continents, with Fire Giants directing the flow of molten rock, the Rock Giants shaping the solidified rock, and the Storm Giants giving the lands their final polish through erosion. The Titans were the masters of the Giants, and they oversaw the work of their kin, until the Giants rebelled. Now, Giants are rarely seen, and they keep mostly to themselves. They can sometimes be rallied behind a cause though, often with devastating results.

--The Tome of Wonders

Necropolis[edit | edit source]

Archon Revenants are corruptions of the glorious and noble Archon. In life, the Archon were a race of enlightened men. Outwardly very similar to humans, their inner peace and nature resembled that of the elves. Always helping humanity, their most fervent goal was fighting and obliterating the undead, who they saw as their ultimate nemesis. They eventually left, leaving behind tombs of warriors in large necropoles. By some cruel twist of fate, they eventually rose from their resting places as undead themselves. Nothing like their former selves, these Archon Revenants are soulless beings intend on spreading death and destruction.

--The Tome of Wonders

Sylvan Court[edit | edit source]

Fey are supernatural beings with a close connection to nature. As caretakers of the woods they favor deep forests and often shun the other races. However, due to their playfulness, curiosity and carefree nature, the strongly individual Fey can be found all over Athla supporting a wide variety of different causes. All Fey are highly magical and possess unique magic abilities.

--The Tome of Wonders

Naga Lair[edit | edit source]

Golden Realms This Content is exclusive to the Golden Realms Expansion

'The Naga are an ancient race of powerful, reptilian creatures. They tend to hide in their swamps and only come out when provoked or hired in mercenary armies. Ruled by Matriarchs, they have a strictly organized society, so much so that the different roles and duties have started influencing their appearance. All Naga are strong melee fighters, with the slightly dimwitted Glutton the strongest of them all. The Matriarch possesses powerful magical abilities to control her subjects and neutralize enemy threats.'

--The Tome of Wonders

Reef Colony[edit | edit source]

Eternal Lords This Content is exclusive to the Eternal Lords Expansion

'Merfolk are mysterious creatures, able to breathe both water and air. It is said that the few Merfolk cities seen on the surface are just a tiny fraction of the nations the Merfolk have established in the deep beneath the oceans. Although most Merfolk cannot leave the water, the sailors they have enslaved with their magic are sometimes sent onto the land to act as their agents. Sailors also whisper of a mighty Lord of the Deep, a giant being who emerges from the waters to rain lightning down on those who threaten the sanctity of the Merfolk'

--The Tome of Wonders
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