Expanders have the tools to grow their Empire quicker and bigger.


You were raised on the pioneer trails and watched fledgling towns struggle to survive on the edges of civilization. You lead your people now and you know that from the smallest seed, does the oak tree grow. The brave souls who carve out a life among the wild lands are always at the forefront of your mind and you account for them in your grand plans.

Empire Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Name: Expander Spec. (Tier) Expander (I) Research: -- Knowledge
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype:
Great Farms and Springs of Life generate an additional +50 Population growth. Corrupted Farms and Corrupted Wells generate an additional +50 Dead Population growth.
  • This Empire Upgrade always starts out researched
Name: Fertility Rites Spec. (Tier) Expander (I) Research: 90 Knowledge
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Resource Management
Fertility Rites.png
The Population population or Dead Population Dead Population of your Cities grows 15% faster.
Name: Rugged Pioneers Spec. (Tier) Expander (II) Research: 120 Knowledge
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Unit Buff
Rugged Pioneers.png
Machine.png Laborer Units have +8 Movement Movement and Mountaineering.png Mountaineering
Name: Expansionism Spec. (Tier) Expander (III) Research: 180 Knowledge
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Resource Management
Outposts gain +20 Production, and their Population Population growth is doubled.
Name: Swift Migration Spec. (Tier) Expander (IV) Research: 400 Knowledge
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: City Management
Swift Migration.png
Migrations and Purges take 1 Turn in your cities.
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