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This is the Grey Guard page as it was before release of Eternal Lords Eternal Lords. See Grey Guard for the actual version.

The Grey Guard specialization is one of the new specializations in the upcoming expansion along with Shadowborn and Keeper of Peace. See this Dev Journal. Note that the information regarding the skills and units is subject to change as the expansion hasn't actually been announced (officially) yet.
Grey Guard

Grey Guards seek balance between good and evil to gain military and economic advantage. Their magic is focused on cleansing the essence of unnatural beings, they can absorb it for magical power and manipulate it to heal their armies.


Flourishing Balance[]

Flourishing Balance

This empire skill gives benefits to Grey Guards with neutral alignment. As long as your leader is Neutral, all your cities gain an additional +50 Population. (For undead towns this is halved)

Cardinal Culling[]

Cardinal Culling

Grey Guards are all about maintaining the natural order of things. This spell helps cull enemies on the battle field that show up in large masses of the same type. Target enemy unit and every unit like it has Physical Weakness 40% Physical Damage Weakness and does -5 melee damage until the end of combat.

Healing Essence[]

Healing Essence

Destroys all corpses on the battlefield. All friendly units are instantly healed for 25hp and gain a happiness bonus. Needless to say Necromancers don’t like this spell.

Purging Burst[]

Purging Burst

All Fey Fey, Cast Spell Summoned, Undead Undead and creatures of Cast Spell Magical Origin must resist or lose 3 Resistance and are dealt 5 Fire Damage and 15 Spirit Damage damage. If resisted they are dealt 2 Fire Damageand 7 Spirit Damage damage instead.

Summon Chthonic Guardian[]

Summon Chthonic Guardian

“The gateways between good and evil perk my curiosity. If I could penetrate those barriers I could corrupt the all creation. The All-Father would bow to me. My probes discovered beings there. The most exhausting are incorruptible, known as Chthonic Guardians. They thwart my attempts to disrupt nature’s balancing forces. Armored in etherstone with mighty wings and impenetrable shields, their strength is not attacking, but defending. They fight for all eternity, inspiring others to stand when they should flee. If discovered, I fear this nuisance will foil my plan to contort the natural world.”

— “Breaking the Faithful” by Master Dark

The Chthonic Guardian is a tier 4 flying pikeman that specializes in defense. It has a Shield Shield and the Defender Defender ability, granting it a greater defensive bonus while guarding and once it reaches elite level it gains Instant Wrath Instant Wrath, reflecting damage from all sources back on its attackers. It’s signature ability is Rallying Cry, an area of effect ability that boosts the morale of nearby friendly units as well as granting them Vigilance for one turn, allowing to guard and attack in the same turn.


A Chthonic Guardian and Arch Angel