Your Leader is not alone in the quest to expand your empire, as you will also be approached every now and then by other people of skill and power. These will be your heroes.

Heroes function much like Leaders and can become similarly powerful. Unlike leaders they cannot retreat to the void to escape death, they must be present at a battle to cast spells, and they can only cast combat spells. Each player can cast only one spell per combat round no matter how many heroes they have.

Heroes level up and use equipment as your leader does. Instead of using empire research to access their class abilities and to increase their casting points, heroes have these as options on their list of per-level upgrades (experience requirements for each level). This limits their raw power since spending leveling points on casting takes the place of direct upgrades. However, since higher tiers of spells and casting points are added to their upgrades list every odd level, heroes can unlock advanced combat spells (through experience) much earlier than leaders typically will (through research).

For lists of abilities and when they are available, see each classes page. Some of the abilities that heroes can have affect all units in the army when they are leading the army. If the hero is leading the army, they will occupy the first position in the list of units in the army. In the case of multiple heroes, the one with the most leadership abilities is assigned as the army leader.

When heroes are killed in combat, they drop any equipment they have onto the ground. The Resurrect Hero spell can bring a hero back to life.


Every Hero has 50 Health Text, 36 Movement Text, 9 Defense Text, 9 Resistance Text, Melee Strike Melee Strike (12 Physical Text ), Hero Hero, Walking Walking, Mounted Mounted, Charge Charge, Cast Spell Cast Spell and Fast Healing Fast Healing by default. Each hero also starts with a free spell chosen randomly among (low tier? to confirm) spells from its class.

Heroes also get the abilities and stat modifiers of their Race and Class (ex: Warlords get +2 Defense Text from Armored Armored and +2 Physical Text Melee Damage).

Note your leader has Leader Leader which also grants him Mind Control Immunity Mind Control Immunity.

The following are upgrades available to heroes and leaders at every level. Each time one is chosen the cost of the next level of that upgrade increases by 1 (cost of Resistance Text Resistance increases by 2).

  • +5 Health Text Health Upgrade: 1 point
  • +1 Defense Text Defense: 1 point
  • +1 Resistance Text Resistance: 2 points
  • +1 Melee Strength: 1 point
  • +1 Ranged Strength: 1 point
    • Only affects a single channel

Leadership AbilitiesEdit

The following is a list of all the possible abilities that a Hero can have that affect the hero's entire army. Complete upgrade lists for heroes are on the class pages. These abilities only function when the hero is leading the army.

Hero Starting Traits Edit

Each non-leader hero usually starts with two class spells, a unique trait or item, besides the class dependent ranged weapon. The following is a list of all known traits and items. If a hero starts with an item, that item can be given to other heroes or leaders and need not be kept on the hero who brought it. Work in Progress.

DraconianIcon Draconian Edit

DwarfIcon Dwarf Edit

Frostling Frostling Edit

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