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*Included in the Golden Realms expansion

†Included in the Eternal Lords expansion

Item Rarity Stat Bonus Abilities
Bracelet of Blight.png
Bracelet of Blight
Common Blight Concealment.png Blight Concealment
Jack's Gift.png
Jack's Gift
Common +10 Hit Points
Locket of Lost Love.png
Locket of Lost Love
Common Strong Will.png Strong Will
Mesmerizing Necklace.png
Mesmerizing Necklace*
Common Inflict Dazzled.png Inflict Dazzled
Arm Cuff of the Spirit Slayer.png
Arm Cuff of the Spirit Slayer*
Strong +1 Physical Damage Melee Elemental Slayer.png Elemental Slayer
Darkbringer Gemstone.png
Darkbringer Gemstone
Strong Urban Concealment.png Urban Concealment
Emerald Band of Ruggedness.png
Emerald Band of Ruggedness
Strong Blight Protection.png 60%Blight Damage Protection
Jewel of Forgotten Revival.png
Jewel of Forgotten Revival
Strong +12 Hit Points Recovery
Jug of Eternal Joy.png
Jug of Eternal Joy*
Strong High Morale(Ability).png High Morale
Melody of Oblivious Harmony.png
Melody of Oblivious Harmony
Strong High Morale(Ability).png High Morale
Orb of Eternal Cold.png
Orb of Eternal Cold
Strong Inflict Chilling.png Inflict Chilling
Pendulum of Restoration.png
Pendulum of Restoration
Strong Spirit Protection.png 40%Spirit Damage Protection
Break Control.png Break Control
Ruby Ring of Heat Deflection.png
Ruby Ring of Heat Deflection
Strong Fire Protection.png 60%Fire Damage Protection
Sapphire Loop of Lessening Frostbite.png
Sapphire Loop of Lessening Frostbite
Strong Frost Protection.png 60%Frost Protection
Blessed Totem of Health.png
Blessed Totem of Health*
Epic +5 Hit Points +12 Hit Points Recovery
Creeping Jungle Venom.png
Creeping Jungle Venom*
Epic Inflict Enfeebling Fever.png Inflict Enfeebling Fever
Inflict Exhausting Fatigue.png Inflict Exhausting Fatigue
Cult of Storms Insignia.png
Cult of Storms Insignia
Epic +1 Resistance Shock Protection.png 80%Shock Protection
Cave Concealment.png Cave Concealment
Keeper Brooch of the Valley.png
Keeper Brooch of the Valley
Epic +1 Resistance Forest Concealment.png Forest Concealment
Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Pendant of the Lightworker.png
Pendant of the Lightworker
Epic +1 Resistance Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade
True Sight.png True Sight
Pendant of Trapped Luck.png
Pendant of Trapped Luck*
Epic Lucky.png Lucky
Scepter of the Conqueror.png
Scepter of the Conqueror
Epic Bestow Iron Heart.png Bestow Iron Heart
Amulet of the Cursed Widow.png
Amulet of the Cursed Widow
Legendary Cause Fear.png Fearsome
Amulet of the Ocean Soul.png
Amulet of the Ocean Soul*
Legendary +1 Resistance, +1 Frost Melee Frost Protection.png 40%Frost Protection
Water Concealment.png Water Concealment
Band of Troll Flesh.png
Band of Troll Flesh
Legendary Regeneration.png Regeneration
Bowan's Signet Ring.png
Bowan's Signet Ring
Legendary +1 Resistance Cave Crawling.png Cave Crawling
Spirit Protection.png 20%Spirit Damage Protection
Night Vision.png Night Vision
Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade (x2)
Bracelet of the Azrac Avatar.png
Bracelet of the Azrac Avatar
Legendary Lava Walking.png Lava Walking
Fire Protection.png 100%Fire Damage Protection
Choker of the Great Matriarch.png
Choker of the Great Matriarch*
Legendary +1 Resistance Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade
Fire Protection.png 40%Fire Damage Protection
Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Deathbringer's Medallion.png
Deathbringer's Medallion
Legendary Shadow Step.png Shadow Step
Elwyn's Amulet.png
Elwyn's Amulet
Legendary +1 Resistance Bard Skills.png Bard Skills
Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade
Green Ring of Free Passage.png
Green Ring of Free Passage
Legendary Wetland Walking.png Wetland Walking
Mountaineering.png Mountaineering
Forestry.png Forestry
Swimming.png Swimming
Halfling Trick Bauble.png
Halfling Trick Bauble
Legendary Invisibility.png Invisibility
Horseshoe of Golden Fortune.png
Horseshoe of Golden Fortune*
Legendary +1 Defense High Morale(Ability).png High Morale
Lucky.png Lucky
Pendant of the Holy Chalice.png
Pendant of the Holy Chalice
Legendary +2 Resistance Touch of Faith.png Touch of Faith
Precious Ring of the Naga Queen.png
Precious Ring of the Naga Queen
Legendary Slip Away.png Slip Away
Shimmering Orb of Aldor.png
Shimmering Orb of Aldor
Legendary +2 Resistance
Silver Aegis Ring.png
Silver Aegis Ring
Legendary Physical Protection.png 40%Physical Damage Protection
Tiger's Eye Ring.png
Tiger's Eye Ring
Legendary Mark Blood Sacrifice.png Mark Blood Sacrifice
Invigorate.png Invigorate
Trinket of the Moongate.png
Trinket of the Moongate
Legendary Phase.png Phase
Crystal Skull.png
Crystal Skull*
Mythical +1 Resistance, +5 Hit Points Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade (x2)
True Sight.png True Sight
Fast Healing.png Fast Healing
Effigy of the Lich King.png
Effigy of the Lich King
Mythical Heal Undead.png Heal Undead
Necromantic Aura.png Necromantic Aura
Elixir of Ghostly Being.png
Elixir of Ghostly Being*
Mythical Physical Protection.png 40%Physical Damage Protection
Shrunken Frostling Head.png
Shrunken Frostling Head
Mythical Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Spirit Protection.png 80%Spirit Damage Protection
Turn Undead.png Turn Undead
Talisman of the Triumphant Phoenix.png
Talisman of the Triumphant Phoenix
Mythical Resurgence.png Resurgence