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*Included in the Golden Realms expansion

†Included in the Eternal Lords expansion

Item Rarity Stats Bonus Abilities
Fine Leather Cap.png
Fine Leather Cap of the Traitor
Common +1 Defense
Frostling Queen's Lost Head Ornament.png
Frostling Queen's Lost Head Ornament
Common Cure Disease.png Cure Disease
Helmet of Orc Anger.png
Helmet of Orc Anger
Common War Cry.png War Cry
Helmet of the Deep Lord.png
Helmet of the Deep Lord
Common Fast Embark.png Fast Embark
Mariner.png Mariner
Straw Hat of the Happy Farmer.png
Straw Hat of the Happy Farmer*
Common +1 Defense High Morale(Ability).png High Morale
Thief's Cowl.png
Thief's Cowl
Common Night Vision.png Night Vision
Dreaded Monkey Mask.png
Dreaded Monkey Mask*
Strong +2 Defense Cause Fear.png Cause Fear
Feathered Cap of the Ranger.png
Feathered Cap of the Ranger
Strong +1 Resistance Animal Slayer.png Animal Slayer
Headscarf of Heed.png
Headscarf of Heed
Strong +1 Resistance
Lady's Diadem of Grave Return.png
Lady's Diadem of Grave Return
Strong +1 Resistance Undead Slayer.png Undead Slayer
Mammoth Fur Hat.png
Mammoth Fur Hat
Strong +1 Defense Frost Protection.png 40%Frost Protection
Blight Mask.png
Blight Mask
Epic Blight Protection.png 100%Blight Damage Protection
Cowl of the Eleemosynary.png
Cowl of the Eleemosynary
Epic Volunteer.png Bringer of Goodwill
Helmet of Primal Instinct.png
Helmet of Primal Instinct
Epic Predator.png Predator
Horned Helmet of the Verbose Dragon Slayer.png
Horned Helmet of the Verbose Dragon Slayer
Epic +2 Defense Dragon Slayer.png Dragon Slayer
Silver Skullcap of the Moon.png
Silver Skullcap of the Moon
Epic +1 Defense, +1 Resistance Spirit Protection.png 20%Spirit Damage Protection
Solid Chain Coif of Heroes.png
Solid Chain Coif of Heroes
Epic +2 Defense
Accursed Helm of the Tower.png
Accursed Helm of the Tower
Legendary +2 Defense, +1 Resistance Dragon Slayer.png Dragon Slayer
Giant Slayer.png Giant Slayer
Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade
Blight Weakness.png 20% Blight Damage Weakness
Head of the Dullahan.png
Head of the Dullahan
Legendary Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade (x2)
True Sight.png True Sight
Despair.png Inflict Despair
Masterful Spiked Leather Helm.png
Masterful Spiked Leather Helm
Legendary +3 Defense
Mystical Crown of the Mermaid Queen.png
Mystical Crown of the Mermaid Queen*
Legendary +1 Resistance True Sight.png True Sight
Minor Bard Skills.png Minor Bard Skills
Siren's Wail.png Siren's Wail
Reaper's Hood.png
Reaper's Hood
Legendary Gas Breath.png Gas Breath
Battle Crown of Kings.png
Battle Crown of Kings
Mythical +2 Defense, +2 Resistance
Bronze Barbute of the Sun.png
Bronze Barbute of the Sun
Mythical +2 Defense, +1 Resistance Strong Will.png Strong Will
Crystal Crown of Remote Sensing.png
Crystal Crown of Remote Sensing
Mythical +1 Resistance Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade (x3)
Feathered Serpent Warbonnet.png
Feathered Serpent Warbonnet*
Mythical +1 Resistance Fire Protection.png 40%Fire Damage Protection
Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Floating.png Floating
Healing.png Healing
Frost Queen's Crown.png
Frost Queen's Crown
Mythical Dome of Frost.png Dome of Frost
Great Steel War Helm.png
Great Steel War Helm
Mythical +4 Defense -1 Vision Range
Tigran Face Mask.png
Tigran Face Mask
Mythical Were Panther.png Were Panther
Witch Doctor's Skull Headdress.png
Witch Doctor's Skull Headdress*
Mythical +1 Resistance Cause Fear.png Fearsome
Heal Undead.png Heal Undead
Turn Undead.png Turn Undead
Wizard Hat of the Worldly Wanderer.png
Wizard Hat of the Worldly Wanderer
Mythical +2 Resistance Vision Range Upgrade.png Vision Range Upgrade (x2)
Throw Curse.png Throw Curse
Dispel.png Dispel
Phase.png PhaseNight Vision.png Night Vision