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*Included in the Golden Realms expansion

†Included in the Eternal Lords expansion

Item Rarity Stats Bonus Abilities
Frostling's Boots.png
Frostling's Boots
Common +1 Defense Arctic Walking.png Arctic Walking
High-Heeled Black Leather Boots.png
High-Heeled Black Leather Boots
Common +1 Defense
Sturdy Stompers of the Deckhand.png
Sturdy Stompers of the Deckhand
Common +1 Defense Mariner.png Mariner
Tigran Sandals of Speed.png
Tigran Sandals of Speed
Common +4 Movement
Dead Man's Boots.png
Dead Man's Boots
Strong +1 Defense Spirit Protection.png 20%Spirit Damage Protection
Fallen Gurock's Warpants.png
Fallen Gurock's Warpants
Strong +2 Defense Blight Weakness.png 20% Blight Damage Weakness
Fortified Shoes of Adventurous Spirit.png
Fortified Shoes of Adventurous Spirit
Strong +1 Defense Mountaineering.png Mountaineering
Friendly Beggar's Shoes.png
Friendly Beggar's Shoes*
Strong Volunteer.png Bringer of Goodwill
Protecting Sandals of the Rainforest.png
Protecting Sandals of the Rainforest*
Strong +1 Defense Blight Protection.png 20%Blight Damage Protection
Forestry.png Forestry
Traveler's Boots of Expedient Hiking.png
Traveler's Boots of Expedient Hiking
Strong +1 Defense Forestry.png Forestry
Wetland Walking.png Wetland Walking
Boots of the Shocking Snake Slayer.png
Boots of the Shocking Snake Slayer*
Epic +2 Defense Shock Protection.png 40%Shock Protection
Claws of the Prowler.png
Claws of the Prowler
Epic +1 Defense Pounce.png Pounce
Improved Wall Climbing.png Improved Wall Climbing
Insulated Boots.png
Insulated Boots
Epic +1 Defense Shock Protection.png 60%Shock Protection
Sandals of Flight.png
Sandals of Flight
Epic Floating.png Floating
Shin Guards of the Hapless.png
Shin Guards of the Hapless
Epic +2 Defense Frost Protection.png 40%Frost Protection
Shock Weakness.png 20% Shock Weakness
Shin Guards of the Nomad.png
Shin Guards of the Nomad
Epic +1 Defense Barrens Running.png Barrens Running
Forestry.png Forestry
Solid Chainmail Leggings of Heroes.png
Solid Chainmail Leggings of Heroes
Epic +2 Defense
Thick Iron Greaves.png
Thick Iron Greaves
Strong +2 Defense
Vorsar's Shoes of Merit.png
Vorsar's Shoes of Merit
Epic +3 Defense Blight Weakness.png 60% Blight Damage Weakness
Wetland Walking.png Wetland Walking
Foot Wrappings of Power.png
Foot Wrappings of Power
Epic +3 Defense Fire Weakness.png 20% Fire Damage Weakness
Golden Sandals of the Forefathers.png
Golden Sandals of the Forefathers*
Legendary +1 Defense Fire Protection.png 60%Fire Damage Protection
Spirit Protection.png 60%Spirit Damage Protection
Grar's Plate Greaves.png
Grar's Plate Greaves
Legendary +4 Defense
Miraculous Lizardman Breeches.png
Miraculous Lizardman Breeches
Legendary Frost Weakness.png 60% Frost Weakness
Swimming.png Swimming
Wetlands Concealment.png Wetlands Concealment
Water Concealment.png Water Concealment
Wetland Walking.png Wetland Walking
Slacks of Sorcery.png
Slacks of Sorcery
Legendary +1 Resistance Shock Protection.png 20%Shock Protection
Boots of the True Explorer.png
Boots of the True Explorer*
Mythical +3 Defense Free Movement.png Free Movement
Tireless.png Tireless
Gabriel's Enchanted Soft Shoes.png
Gabriel's Enchanted Soft Shoes
Mythical +3 Defense Fire Protection.png 40%Fire Damage Protection
Greaves of the Storm Cult.png
Greaves of the Storm Cult
Mythical +4 Defense Cave Crawling.png Cave Crawling
Silver Sabatons of Speed.png
Silver Sabatons of Speed
Mythical +2 Defense, +4 Movement
Veteran's Pants of Swift Massacre.png
Veteran's Pants of Swift Massacre
Mythical +1 Defense Slaughter Pits.png Killing Momentum