*Included in the Golden Realms expansion

†Included in the Eternal Lords expansion

Item Rarity Stats Bonus Abilities
Forged Frostling Shield.png
Forged Frostling Shield
Common +1 Defense Frost Protection.png 20%Frost Protection
Ignominious Buckler of the Outcast.png
Ignominious Buckler of the Outcast
Common +2 Defense Spirit Weakness.png 20% Spirit Damage Weakness
Shield of Blocked Whispers.png
Shield of Blocked Whispers
Common Mind Control Immunity.png Mind Control Immunity
Shield of the Tribal Warrior.png
Shield of the Tribal Warrior*
Common +1 Defense Shield.png Shield
Small Oaken Buckler of Hardwood Trees.png
Small Oaken Buckler of Hardwood Trees
Common Shield.png Shield
Shield of the Unfazed Mercenary.png
Shield of the Unfazed Mercenary
Strong Shield.png Shield
Quiver of Poisoned Arrows.png
Quiver of Poisoned Arrows*
Strong +2 Blight Damage Ranged
Quiver of Razor Leafs.png
Quiver of Razor Leafs*
Strong +1 Physical Damage Ranged Bleeding.png Razor Projectiles
Thick Leafshield of the Optimistic.png
Thick Leafshield of the Optimistic
Strong +1 Resistance
Wooden Shield of Spiritual Faith.png
Wooden Shield of Spiritual Faith
Strong +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Buckler of the King's Guard.png
Buckler of the King's Guard*
Epic +1 Defense, +1 Resistance Shield.png Shield
Melodious Harp of Forgiveness.png
Melodious Harp of Forgiveness
Epic +1 Resistance Bard Skills.png Bard Skills
Mystic Archer's Bane.png
Mystic Archer's Bane
Epic Projectile Reflection.png Projectile Reflection
Old Orcish Tower Shield.png
Old Orcish Tower Shield
Epic Projectile Resistance.png Projectile Resistance
Shield.png Shield
Quiver of Frostbite.png
Quiver of Frostbite*
Epic +2 Frost Ranged Frozen.png Frostbite Projectiles
Quiver of Lightning.png
Quiver of Lightning*
Epic +2 Shock Ranged Stunned.png Shock Projectiles
Rusty Disk of Defense.png
Rusty Disk of Defense
Epic +1 Defense Shield.png Shield
Shield of the Frosted Ark Raider.png
Shield of the Frosted Ark Raider
Epic +2 Defense Frost Protection.png 80%Frost Protection
Sun Shield (Item).png
Sun Shield
Epic Sun Shield.png Sun Shield
Dragor's Swordcatcher.png
Dragor's Swordcatcher
Legendary +2 Defense Shield.png Shield
Jagged Heater Shield of the Desert.png
Jagged Heater Shield of the Desert
Legendary +1 Defense Fire Protection.png 60%Fire Damage Protection
Shield.png Shield
Lightning Infused Power Crystal.png
Lightning Infused Power Crystal
Legendary Static Shield.png Static Shield
Qamut's Absorber of Potential Grief.png
Qamut's Absorber of Potential Grief
Legendary -- Physical Protection.png 20%Physical Damage Protection
Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Quiver of Divine Fire.png
Quiver of Divine Fire*
Legendary +2 Fire Damage, +1 Spirit Damage Ranged
Serious Shield of Austerity.png
Serious Shield of Austerity
Legendary +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Shining Shield of Reflection.png
Shining Shield of Reflection*
Legendary Projectile Reflection.png Projectile Reflection
Shield.png Shield
Smooth Shield of the Wayward Clans.png
Smooth Shield of the Wayward Clans
Legendary +2 Defense Shield.png Shield
Spiked Shield of Bloodthirst.png
Spiked Shield of Bloodthirst*
Legendary +1 Defense, +1 Resistance Shield.png Shield
Life Stealing.png Life Steal
Drakescale Green Shield.png
Drakescale Green Shield
Mythical +2 Defense, +15 Hit Points Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Gankuq's Shield of Intimidation.png
Gankuq's Shield of Intimidation
Mythical +1 Defense, +1 Resistance Cause Fear.png Fearsome
Kite Shield of Abjuration.png
Kite Shield of Abjuration
Mythical +2 Defense, +2 Resistance Shield.png Shield
Kite Shield of Everburning Heat.png
Kite Shield of Everburning Heat*
Mythical +2 Defense Fire Aura.png Fire Aura
Shield.png Shield
Immolated.png Inflict Immolation
Knight's Shield of Valiant Honor.png
Knight's Shield of Valiant Honor
Mythical +2 Defense, +1 Resistance Shield.png Shield
Tireless.png Tireless
Quiver of Freezing Hell.png
Quiver of Freezing Hell*
Mythical +1 Fire Damage, +2 Frost Ranged Immolated.png Scorching Projectiles
Frozen.png Freezing Projectiles
Quiver of Guidance.png
Quiver of Guidance*
Mythical +2 Physical Damage Ranged Seeker(Ability).png Seeker
Robust Square Blocking Shield.png
Robust Square Blocking Shield
Mythical +4 Defense Shield.png Shield
Stone Dwarf Guard.png
Stone Dwarf Guard
Mythical +3 Defense Shield.png Shield
Defender.png Defender
Ward's Bulwark Device.png
Ward's Bulwark Device
Mythical +4 Defense Frost Protection.png 20%Frost Protection
Fire Protection.png 20%Fire Damage Protection
Shield.png Shield
Defender.png Defender
Woziek's Shield.png
Woziek's Shield
Mythical +1 Defense Shield.png Shield
Frost Aura.png Frost Aura
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