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*Included in the Golden Realms expansion

†Included in the Eternal Lords expansion

Item Rarity Stats Bonus Abilities
Angelic Robes.png
Angelic Robes
Common Holy Champion.png Holy Champion
Coat of the Elephant Hunter.png
Coat of the Elephant Hunter*
Strong +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Faithful Cassock of the Battle Herder.png
Faithful Cassock of the Battle Herder
Strong +1 Resistance Holy Champion.png Holy Champion
Mundane Traveler's Cloak of Divine Joy.png
Mundane Traveler's Cloak of Divine Joy
Strong Fire Protection.png 40%Fire Damage Protection
Frost Protection.png 40%Frost Protection
Shock Protection.png 40%Shock Protection
Wicked Leather of the Harlot.png
Wicked Leather of the Harlot
Strong +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Armor of Divine Regeneration.png
Armor of Divine Regeneration
Epic Regrowth.png Regrowth
Brown Leather Scaled Tunic.png
Brown Leather Scaled Tunic
Epic +2 Defense
Light Bronze Plated Sun Armor.png
Light Bronze Plated Sun Armor
Epic +1 Defense Sun Shield.png Blinding Aura
Necromancer Robes.png
Necromancer Robes
Epic File:Blight Command.png Blight Command
Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Polar Bear Coat.png
Polar Bear Coat
Epic File:Arctic Command.png Arctic Command
Frost Protection.png 40%Frost Protection
Steel Panther Armor.png
Steel Panther Armor
Epic +1 Defense Martial Arts.png Martial Arts
Tunic of the Young Adventurer.png
Tunic of the Young Adventurer*
Epic +1 Defense Defender.png Defender
Dress of the Cunning Nightstalker.png
Dress of the Cunning Nightstalker
Legendary Unholy Champion.png Unholy Champion
Cave Concealment.png Cave Concealment
Mountain Concealment.png Mountain Concealment
Forest Concealment.png Forest Concealment
Wetlands Concealment.png Wetlands Concealment
Wetland Walking.png Wetland Walking
Urban Concealment.png Urban Concealment
Gambeson for Her.png
Gambeson for Her
Legendary +2 Defense, +1 Resistance
Jattah's Rags.png
Jattah's Rags
Legendary +2 Defense, +10 Hit Points Blight Protection.png 40%Blight Damage Protection
Merlin's Robe.png
Merlin's Robe
Legendary +2 Resistance, +10 Hit Points
Robes of the Ancient Priest.png
Robes of the Ancient Priest*
Legendary +2 Resistance Healing.png Healing
Solid Chainmail of Heroes.png
Solid Chainmail of Heroes
Legendary +3 Defense
Thick Iron Breastplate.png
Thick Iron Breastplate
Legendary +3 Defense
Accursed Armor of the Tower Ruin.png
Accursed Armor of the Tower Ruin
Mythical +2 Defense, +1 Resistance Fey Slayer.png Fey Slayer
Animal Slayer.png Animal Slayer
Regrowth.png Regrowth
Slowed.png Slowed
Blessed Magical Plate of Indomitability.png
Blessed Magical Plate of Indomitability
Mythical +4 Defense Strong Will.png Strong Will
Brigadine of Ronald the Rover.png
Brigandine of Ronald the Rover*
Mythical +3 Defense, +1 Resistance Forest Concealment.png Forest Concealment
Forestry.png Forestry
Guerilla.png Guerilla
Cape of Rot.png
Cape of Rot
Mythical Free Movement.png Free Movement
Path of Decay.png Path of Decay
Cape of the Phoenix Whisperer.png
Cape of the Phoenix Whisperer*
Mythical Fire Protection.png 100%Fire Damage Protection
Resurgence.png Resurgence
Regeneration.png Regeneration
Enchanted Armor of Sturdiness.png
Enchanted Armor of Sturdiness
Mythical +3 Defense Physical Protection.png 20%Physical Damage Protection
Eternal Fire Cape.png
Eternal Fire Cape
Mythical +1 Defense Fire Aura.png Fire Aura
Icy Cloak of Shivers.png
Icy Cloak of Shivers
Mythical +1 Resistance Frost Aura.png Frost Aura
Obsidian Armor of the Black Knight.png
Obsidian Armor of the Black Knight*
Mythical +3 Defense Fire Protection.png 60%Fire Damage Protection
Frost Protection.png 60%Frost Protection
Shock Protection.png 60%Shock Protection
Blight Protection.png 60%Blight Damage Protection
Spirit Protection.png 60%Spirit Damage Protection