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*Included in the Golden Realms expansion

†Included in the Eternal Lords expansion

Item Rarity Abilities/Bonus
Acid Darts.png
Acid Darts*
Common Shoot Acid Darts.png Shoot Acid Darts
Black Wand.png
Black Wand
Common Black Bolts.png Black Bolts
Crazed Chicken.png
Crazed Chicken*
Common Throw Chicken.png Throw Chicken
Fortifying Cup of Tea.png
Fortifying Cup of Tea*
Common Cure Disease.png Cure Disease
Frostling Fishing Spear.png
Frostling Fishing Spear
Common Fishing.png Fishing
Heavy Crossbow.png
Heavy Crossbow
Common Shoot Heavy Crossbow.png Shoot Heavy Crossbow
Holy Symbol.png
Holy Symbol
Common Spirit Ray.png Spirit Ray
Ice Scaper Gloves.png
Ice Scaper Gloves
Common Throw Ice Ball.png Throw Ice Ball
Lightning Wand.png
Lightning Wand
Common Shock Bolts.png Shock Bolts
Nefarious Blowpipe.png
Nefarious Blowpipe
Common Shoot Darts.png Shoot Darts
Shoot Acid Darts.png Shoot Acid Darts
Oakbranch Bow.png
Oakbranch Bow
Common Shoot Longbow.png Shoot Longbow
Prototype Rifle.png
Prototype Rifle
Common Fire Musket.png Fire Musket
Red Raptor Egg.png
Red Raptor Egg
Common Hatches in Turn 6 Turns
Produces Red Raptor Mount
Shortbow of the Thieving Ackster.png
Shortbow of the Thieving Ackster
Common Shoot Shortbow.png Shoot Shortbow
Bleeding.png Razor Projectiles
Sun Spear.png
Sun Spear
Common Throw Sun Spear.png Throw Sun Spear
Basket of the Roadside Picnic.png
Basket of the Roadside Picnic
Strong +6 Hit Points Recovery
Box of Blades.png
Box of Blades
Strong Throw Blades.png Throw Blades
Delicious Second Breakfast.png
Delicious Second Breakfast*
Strong Nourishing Meal.png Nourishing Meal
Frozen Harpoon.png
Frozen Harpoon
Strong Throw Harpoon.png Throw Harpoon
Halflings' Party Kit.png
Halflings' Party Kit
Strong Fireworks.png Fireworks
The Hooded Doctor's Rifle.png
The Hooded Doctor's Rifle
Strong Fire Musket.png Fire Musket
Turn Undead.png Turn Undead
Siren's Musical Box.png
Siren's Musical Box*
Strong Seduce.png Seduce
Big Beetle Egg.png
Big Beetle Egg
Epic Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces Big Beetle Mount
Constricting Net of the Human Spider.png
Constricting Net of the Human Spider
Epic Throw Net.png Throw Net
Cursed Egg.png
Cursed Egg
Epic Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces Bone Wyvern Mount
Dirty Blowpipe.png
Dirty Blowpipe
Epic Mosquito Darts.png Mosquito Darts
Dread Spider Egg.png
Dread Spider Egg
Epic Hatches in Turn 8 Turns
Produces Dread Spider Mount
Fire Wyvern Egg.png
Fire Wyvern Egg
Epic Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces Fire Wyvern Mount
Frost Wyvern Egg.png
Frost Wyvern Egg
Epic Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces Frost Wyvern Mount
Hand of Glory.png
Hand of Glory
Epic Petrifying Touch.png Petrifying Touch
Hunter Spider Egg.png
Hunter Spider Egg
Epic Hatches in Turn 8 Turns
Produces Hunter Spider Mount
Keeper Longbow.png
Keeper Longbow
Epic Arcane Arrows.png Arcane Arrows
Shoot Longbow.png Shoot Longbow
Lizard on a Stick.png
Lizard on a Stick
Epic Poison Spit.png Poison Spit
Magic Tome of Counteraction.png
Magic Tome of Counteraction
Epic True Sight.png True Sight
Dispel Magic.png Dispel Magic
Turn Undead.png Turn Undead
Mana Powered Heavy Drill.png
Mana Powered Heavy Drill
Epic Tunneling.png Tunneling
Mask of Urrath.png
Mask of Urrath
Epic Cause Fear.png Cause Fear
Numbing Hand of Winter's Hex.png
Numbing Hand of Winter's Hex
Epic Freezing Touch.png Freezing Touch
Pyromancer's Tinderbox.png
Pyromancer's Tinderbox
Epic Immolating Touch.png Immolating Touch
Replenishing Bucket of Monkey Filth.png
Replenishing Bucket of Monkey Filth*
Epic Throw Filth.png Throw Filth
Skilled Adventurer's Slingshot.png
Skilled Adventurer's Slingshot*
Epic Slingshot.png Slingshot
Befriend Animal.png Befriend Animal
Snatchpurse of Kobold Design.png
Snatchpurse of Kobold Design
Epic Throw Net.png Throw Net
Stalk of Living Vines.png
Stalk of Living Vines
Epic Entangling Touch.png Entangling Touch
Sugna's Repair Tools.png
Sugna's Repair Tools
Epic Repair Machine.png Repair Machine
Sugna's Sabotaging Tools.png
Sugna's Sabotaging Tools
Epic Sabotage.png Sabotage
Vampire Spider Egg.png
Vampire Spider Egg
Epic Hatches in Turn 8 Turns
Produces Vampire Spider Mount
Arbalest of Halting Power.png
Arbalest of Halting Power
Legendary +2 Physical Damage Ranged
Shoot Heavy Crossbow.png Shoot Heavy Crossbow
Ashes of the Reaper.png
Ashes of the Reaper
Legendary Control Undead.png Control Undead
Cockatrice Egg.png
Cockatrice Egg
Legendary Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces Cockatrice Mount
Essence of Garlic.png
Essence of Garlic
Legendary Gas Breath.png Gas Breath
Gold Wyvern Egg.png
Gold Wyvern Egg
Legendary Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces Gold Wyvern Mount
Horn of the Banshee.png
Horn of the Banshee
Legendary Wail of Despair.png Wail of Despair
Jenica's Spider Cane.png
Jenica's Spider Cane
Legendary Webbing Touch.png Webbing Touch
Karissa's Perfume.png
Karissa's Perfume
Legendary Seduce.png Seduce
King Gryphon Egg.png
King Gryphon Egg
Legendary Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces King Gryphon Mount
Obsidian Wyvern Egg.png
Obsidian Wyvern Egg
Legendary Hatches in Turn 10 Turns
Produces Obsidian Wyvern Mount
Rod of Lightning Charge.png
Rod of Lightning Charge
Legendary Shock Bolts.png Shock Bolts
Stick of the Frost Witch.png
Stick of the Frost Witch
Legendary Frost Bolts.png Frost Bolts
Sun Disc.png
Sun Disc
Legendary Sun Disc.png Sun Disc
Vile Tome of the Hag.png
Vile Tome of the Hag
Legendary Steal Enchantment.png Steal Enchantment
Throw Curse.png Throw Curse
Wand of Fiery Doom.png
Wand of Fiery Doom
Legendary Fire Bolts.png Fire Bolts
Wand of the Naga Mage.png
Wand of the Naga Mage*
Legendary Naga Fire.png Bane Fire
White Pouch of Potent Herbs.png
White Pouch of Potent Herbs
Legendary Cure Disease.png Cure Disease
Healing.png Healing
Divine Scepter of the Theologian.png
Divine Sceptre of the Theologian
Mythical Weakening.png Weakening
Convert.png Convert
Draconian Diet Dish.png
Draconian Diet Dish
Mythical Fire Breath.png Fire Breath
Gazer's Eye.png
Gazer's Eye
Mythical +1 Physical Damage Ranged
Petrifying Touch.png Petrifying Touch
Doom Gaze.png Doom Gaze
Imperial Hand Cannon.png
Imperial Hand Cannon
Mythical Fire Cannon.png Fire Cannon
Infused Icewater of Frostling Formulae.png
Infused Icewater of Frostling Formulae
Mythical Frost Breath.png Frost Breath
Meandor's Autobiography.png
Meandor's Autobiography
Mythical High Elf Slayer.png High Elf Slayer
Human Slayer.png Human Slayer
Black Bolts.png Black Bolts
Ghoul.png Inflict Ghoul Curse
Merlin's Wand.png
Merlin's Wand
Mythical Reroute Throne Teleport
Quest Item
Oscillator Gem.png
Oscillator Gem
Mythical Quest Item
Reaper's Hourglass.png
Reaper's Hourglass
Mythical Invoke Death.png Invoke Death
Rifle of Cosmic Fire.png
Rifle of Cosmic Fire*
Mythical Fire Cosmic Rifle.png Fire Cosmic Rifle
Staff of Divine Vengeance.png
Staff of Divine Vengeance*
Mythical Divine Vengeance.png Divine Vengeance