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This page is the old version. See Keeper of the Peace for the current version.

The Keeper of Peace specialization is one of the new specializations in the upcoming expansion along with Shadowborn and Grey Guard. See this Dev Journal. Note that the information regarding the skills and units is subject to change as the expansion hasn't actually been announced (officially) yet.
Keeper of Peace

Keepers of Peace are dedicated to the path of good, they are masters of diplomacy, expert at forming alliances with independent settlements and even those of their enemies. When war becomes inevitable, their magic bolsters their armies giving them strength in the direst of circumstances.




Your units do not suffer from morale penalties until end of combat. Simple, but very efficient!

Rally Populace[]

Rally Populace

Target enemy city suffers from -500 Happiness and betrayals are more likely to occur. As long as this spell is active betrayals can occur even if the owner’s Race Happiness is higher than the other player’s Race Happiness. Independent and Undead Cities can’t be affected. This is a great way to disable the edge of rival empires!

City Betrayal

City Betrayal Mechanic[]

If a city of an enemy empire is unhappy, it may offer to betray its owner to a suitable leader who is at war with the current owner. Of course that leader does need a positive happiness toward the race of the town in question. If the town can’t find such a player it might rebel and become independent. The city offers to betray its owner via a quest to the prospective new leader, asking him to send an army to City and relieve them of the vile despot. When the player attacks the city, the local population aids the player, opening the city gates and spawning militia units behind the walls. If the takeover is successful, the city joins without the need to absorb or any of the negative penalties of capturing a city by force.

Aura of Inspiration[]

Aura of Inspiration

The target friendly unit gains Inspiring Aura, +2 Physical Damage damage, 3 Spirit Damage damage and provides every friendly unit in a 1 hex range with 300 Happiness.

Bearer of Light[]

Bearer of Light

All Diplomatic actions with Independent Cities take 1 less turn.

Spiritual Freedom[]

Spiritual Freedom

The city is engulfed by the harmless fire of the Torchbearers. All units produced in target friendly city, and all units summoned within that city’s borders, gain Meditation and become Dedicated to Good Dedicated to Good. Researching this Spell will make your Leader and Hero’s Dedicated to Good. (Meditation is like an advanced Guard mode, allowing units to skip a turn and gain strong offensive buff)

Summon Arch Angel[]

Summon Arch Angel

“Its spear burned with divine fire, shredding the undead hosts that filled us all with dread. My wife smiled. Her face glowed. She announced, ‘The All-Father sends a servant! My prayer is answered.’ Our despair evaporated. We were filled with pure joy. We knew that there were better things from other worlds—things with power that fought for our cause. The Arch Angel smote our foes with brutal determination. We were all inspired to fight. Before ascending to heaven, the angel touched the wounded and they were made whole.”

—“Husband to a Saint” by Ugrid Grovle

The Arch Angel is a support angel, as well as Healing Healing and Resurgence Resurgence abilities it radiates inspiration, boosting the morale of nearby units. It also has a powerful aura that can blind any unit that strikes it in melee combat.

Arch Angel Model

Arch Angel