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This Manual of Style describes how to keep your edits in line with the style of this Wikia. Since not all sections are completely finished yet, this document will regularly be updated.

General Editing[]

While editing pages, please remember to stay neutral, and write as professional as possible. This includes double-checking spelling, and verifying the correctness of information when posting. While all humans can make mistakes, please keep these to a minimum.
For a good guide on how to use the wiki markup, see This guide on the Starwars Wikia. For more information of inserting the small images like Blight Damage or Gold in your text, see Image Templates


In general linking to another page on the Wiki is done by enclosing the page name in square brackets, like this: [[Humans]]. This link will show Humans when published. Should you want to rename the link, you can use a pipe "|" character between the link and the name, so [[Humans|this]] will become this link to Humans.

Tooltip Linking[]

Main article: Tooltips

Many links on this Wikia are supplied with a small Tooltip, so that when you want to check out a unit, you don't have to follow all 12 links to the Abilities page. These links are dependent on what kind of tooltip you want; below is a list with all used tooltips and their names. For example, to make a tooltip for an ability, you will need to use the Abil Template, which is called this way:

{{Abil|ability name}}

For example, take

{{Abil|Shoot Bow}}


This will result in the Shoot Bow Shoot Bow tooltip, with the ability's base damage, 8 Physical Damage. However, a Mounted Archer has a stronger version - for 10 Physical Damage damage. To change the shown value, you can enter a new damage after the ability name, like this:

{{Abil|Shoot Bow|10 {{Physical}}}}

Which results in Shoot Bow Shoot Bow(10 Physical Damage). This allows any other damage types, like for example when the Mounted archer is build in a city with a Focus Chamber. In this case, you'll need to write:

{{Abil|Shoot Bow|12 {{Physical}} 1 {{Shock}}}}

Resulting in Shoot Bow Shoot Bow(12 Physical Damage 1 Shock). See the table below for the Template names, this application, and the existing overrides.

Object Template Override Example
Ability Abil Damage
{{Abil|Shoot Bow|12 {{Physical}} 1 {{Shock}}}}
Shoot Bow Shoot Bow(12 Physical Damage 1 Shock)