18 races exist in AoW's lore: the 9 in Age of Wonders 3 (6 in the base game, 1 from the Golden Realms expansion, and 2 more in the Eternal Lords expansion), and another 9 that only exist in previous instalments of the series. These races make up a key part of the game's history and universe; if future races are added, there is a strong likelihood that they will be be drawn in part (if not in full) from this pool of pre-existing options.

All AoW races and their fates[edit | edit source]

Archons I II SM Called "High Men" in AOWI; Left for the Shadow Realm (QJR384)[1]. (Present in AoWIII as the, now-undead, Archon Revenants)
Azracs I Empire destroyed by Humanity; Became Nomad race in Shadow Magic.
Dark Elves I II SM Most "mended" into High Elves (YC150), although many had already left for the Shadow Realm under Meandor (QJR390); a (relatively) small group believed to be in hiding somewhere in the Blessed Continent under the rule of Hester (last seen in YC1)[1]
Draconians II SM III
Dwarves I II SM III
(Wood) Elves I II SM "Mended" into High Elves (YC150)[1]
Frostlings I II SM EL Refused to join the Commonwealth; later retreated to "the north" (YC66)[1]. Added to AoWIII in the Eternal Lords expansion
Goblins I II SM III
Halflings I II SM GR Most killed in the Heartwood massacre (YC173)[1]. Added to AoWIII in the Golden Realms
High Elves III Replaced Wood and Dark Elves during "The Mending" (YC150)[1]
Humans I II SM III
Lizardmen I Wiped out by their ruler, Nimue, between the first and second games (as revealed by Merlin in the Syron campaign in Shadow Magic).
Nomads SM Replaced Azracs in Shadow Magic. Fate unknown.
Shadow Demons SM Driven out or the world of Athla (QJR384) (but still exist in the Shadow Realm)[1]. Eldritch_Horror seems to be based on them.
Syron SM Left for the Shadow Realm (QJR384)[1].
Tigrans II SM EL Refused to join the Commonwealth; later left the continent en mass (in CY94)[1]. Added to AoWIII in the Eternal Lords expansion.
Undead I II SM EL Initially partially present in AoWIII as the Revenant minor race. Added to AoWIII in the Eternal Lords expansion, albeit in a different form (each race has its own undead counterpart, producing ghouled units).

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