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The Partisan is an expert in guerrilla warfare, deploying small armies deep within enemy territory and heavily relying on stealth.


Name: Folk Hero Spec. (Tier) Partisan (I) Research: 60 Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Resource Management
Folk Hero
Units bought at Inns are 25% cheaper. Independent cities are 10% Cheaper.
  • Always starts out researched
Name: Guerilla Tactics Spec. (Tier) Partisan (II) Research: 120 Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Unit Buff
Guerilla Tactics
  • Irregular Irregular and Infantry Infantry units you control gain the Guerilla Guerilla Ability.
  • Retreating from combat does not count towards the Lost Battle Happiness Text Empire Happiness penalties.
  • Unit keeps its movement points and experience gained
  • Can only be used once per strategic map turn.
Name: Hide Out Spec. (Tier) Partisan (II) Research: 120 Knowledge Text
Disjunction Cost: 80 Mana Text Upkeep: 20 Mana Text/Turns Text Casting Points Text Cost: 60 Casting Points Text
Type: City Enchantment Target: Friendly City
Hide Out
All friendly units in enchanted city's domain are invisible
Name: War Anthem Spec. (Tier) Partisan (II) Research: 240 Knowledge Text
Type: Combat Spell Target: Battlefield Casting Points Text Cost: 30 Casting Points Text
War Anthem
Attempts to demoralize the enemy army. Affected units suffer -500 Happiness Text until end of turn.
  • Strength: 11 Spirit Resistance Text
  • If it fails, the target gets Shaken Shaken for 2 Turns Text instead.
  • The -500 Happiness Text can be removed with Break Control Break Control
Name: Partisan Army Spec. (Tier) Partisan (IV) Research: 400 Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Unit Buff
Your units gain the Partisan Partisan ability.