Several scores are calculated throughout the games. You can see them at the end of a match by opening the statistics tab.

Military score

Calculated as the sum of the value of your units calculated as (to which a baseline value of 1 is added):

[ Gold Text.png production cost of the unit]+[ Mana Text.png production cost of the unit]*2
For Goblins and Dwarves, the production cost does not take into account the -10% and +10% modifier (so a Goblin Marauder for instance has a Production cost of 45 for score matters, and not 40 as is actually the case).

Leaders and Heroes have a value of 50, whatever their level.

Knowledge score

Calculated the sum of the Knowledge Text.png of all the skills you have researched or aquired.

Domain score

Has a minimum value of 50, even if you have no domain left.
Depends on the number of cities with different radius, as well as population and building values.

General score

Calculated as the sum of the other scores: Military + Knowledge + Domain + Happiness + Seal.

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