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This is archived content of this page from before the expansion. See Shadowborn for the actual page.

Shadowborn DevJournal

The Shadowborn will do anything to achieve their goal; they won’t back down when it comes to manipulating and deceiving the people or causing death and destruction. As a Shadowborn you will become truly Evil Alignment evil.

Shadowborn has been announced as an adept/master specialization for the upcoming expansion : Dev Journal


All Skill description are copied directly from the Dev Journal.

Embrace Darkness[]


Let your city’s population embrace the evil within them with the Embrace Darkness spell. Cast it on a city and all newly produced units are now Dedicated to Evil Dedicated to Evil and have Life Stealing Life Stealing.

Seed of Distrust[]


Do you want to screw over Good Alignment good players that are all about befriending independent cities? Cast Seed of Distrust on their friendly independent cities. From now on those independents won’t trust anyone, including that good player.

Rite of Malediction[]


This Tactical Combat spell will only affect your darkest units. Once cast, it gives your Dedicated to Evil Dedicated to Evil units two random dark powers. They will have these powers until the end of combat. Which dark powers your units get will be a nice surprise every battle you cast the spell.

Mab's Boon[]


As a Shadowborn player you will probably want migrate your newly captured cities to your own race. Mab’s Boon gives a boost to your newly migrated cities. The Empire Upgrade gives you extra Population population, Gold gold and a Production production boost for five Turn turns in the city you just migrated.

The Fallen Angel[]


Summon Spell The ultimate evil unit you can summon as a Shadowborn master. Shrouded in darkness, she is a powerful force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This Infantry Infantry unit buffed with total awareness and Dedicated to Evil Good Slayer, but what makes her truly terrifying is her Petrifying Scream she can use once per battle. The scream can leave her living opponents Petrified Petrified, unable to take any action.