Specializations are an important part of any leader's grand strategy as the spells and abilities that they give access to means that you have more tools in your kit and you can make powerful combinations of race, class and specialization that can produce amazing effects.

Specializations come in three flavors which are elemental, alignment and strategic. The elemental and alignment traits have two levels of commitment to them but it is important to remember that with only three specialization slots committing two of your slots to the same type of special means that you are a much more focused and thus more open to counter play from enemies.

All of the Adept specializations has an automatic empire upgrade that provides +5 Mana per turn for each magical node in your domain that is aligned with that specialization.

Each of the following specializations is available and takes up a single slot, but as mentioned previously the Adept specialization is necessary for the Master specialization of that sphere.

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