Spellcasting is a type of ability heroes and leaders can use by spending Mana and Casting Points. Spells can be cast either in combat or on the strategic map.

Types of Spells[edit | edit source]

Strategic Spells[edit | edit source]

Strategic spells are those spells that can be cast out of combat from the strategic map. They are further subdivided into Global Enchantments, City Enchantments, Summoning Spells, and Instant Spells.

Combat Spells[edit | edit source]

Combat spells are those spells that can be cast inside combat. They are further subdivided into Instant Spells, Unit Enchantments, and Battlefield Enchantments.

Casting Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Strategic Map[edit | edit source]

Leaders can cast spells on the strategic map by paying the spell's cost in Mana and Casting Points. A spell can begin casting even if the leader has insufficient Casting Points, in which case it will accumulate all available Casting Points at the end of each turn until the leader has enough to cast it. For example, if a leader begins casting a spell that costs 70 Casting Points and ends his turn with 50 Casting Points, he would be able to cast the spell next turn for 20 Casting Points. While a spell is being cast, another spell on the Strategic Map cannot be cast or begin being cast without aborting the current one (in which case the Mana will be refunded but not any Casting Points from previous turns).

Note: Summon spells grant Cast Spell.png Summoned to any creature they creating.

Tactical Combat[edit | edit source]

Leaders and heroes can cast spells in tactical combat by paying the spell's cost in Mana and Casting Points. Heroes each have their own pool of Casting Points which can only be used in combat and replenishes at the start of each (strategic) turn while the Leader uses the same Casting Points pool as on the strategic map. Leaders can cast spells in combat that they are not participating in however those spells cost double Casting Points and Mana. Furthermore, Leaders can cast combat spells even while a spell is being cast on the Strategic Map (which leaves that spell with less Casting Points at the end of the turn)

Regardless of the source, each player can only cast one spell per turn of tactical combat. If the hero that casts a battlefield enchantment dies during combat, then the spell is cancelled.

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