Sundren Portrait
Name Sundren
Title of House Inioch
Race High Elves
Class Rogue

Sundren of House IniochEdit

Sundren of House Inioch is a High Elf Rogue Leader, and the protagonist of the Elven Court Campaign. In the Campaign briefings, she is voiced by Samantha Béart.

Campaign AppearancesEdit

The Elven CourtEdit

Sundren appears in all Elven Court missions, being the Leader Leader in Council of Origins, The Sapphire Archipelago, Burn the Shadow and the ultimate Loyalist mission. In all other Elven Court missions, she is a Hero Hero on the player's side.

The CommonwealthEdit

Sundren appears in the latest mission of the Commonwealth campaign if the Torchbearer side is chosen.

Golden RealmsEdit

Sundren does not appear in the Golden Realms Campaign.