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Ability: Blinding Aura Strength: 9 Physical Defense
Type: Passive Subtype: Reactive Effect
Sun Shield.png Any unit that strikes this unit in melee combat can become Blinded.png Blinded.

Elemental.png Elemental units cannot be affected.

Ability: Blinded Duration: 2 Turn
Type: Passive Subtype: Physical Defense Status Effect
Blinded.png This unit cannot target units or objects more than 1 Hex away with ranged abilities and cannot cast spells. Breath abilities are not affected as they do not target but only choose direction.
  • This unit's Threatened Area is reduced to a single hex directly in front of itself
  • When not in defense mod, this unit is always Flanked by enemy units who attack from outside the single hex directly in front of itself.
  • Can be removed with Break Control.png Break Control and Dispel Magic.png Dispel Magic
  • Blinded.png Blinded units with Total Awareness.png Total Awareness only suffer the range handicap, not the flanking handicap.