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Crystal Tree +20 Mana
Type Treasure site
Defenders Node Serpent, Wisp, Phantasm Warrior, Apprentice (from any race)
Battlefield Enchantment Dampening Field.png Dampening Field Reward Mana, item
When explored, add +20 Mana when located within your domain.
Additional info
Tactical combat map: Crystal Tree (AoW_TC_Structure_Treasure_CrystalTree.tam)

Type of site: defenders
Average Defender Spawn Strength: 375 (Medium, x1.25)
Spawn Boss Units: 0
Spawn Tier 1 Units: True
Amount of defenders: 4
Excess Reward Scale: 0.25
Excess use mod: Mana
Max Item Random: 1
Item Reward Multiplier: 0.6
Item Set Link: All Item Cat
Mana Reward Multiplier: 0.25
Sale Gold Cap: 300

Enchanted Armory.png
Enchanted Armory 75 Gold, 75 Mana
Type Mystical City Upgrade
Requires 20px Crystal Tree in the city's domain
Produced Armored.png Armored units have Enchanted Armory.png Enchanted Armor.
Ability: Enchanted Armor Strength: +2 Defense +1 Resistance
Type: Passive Subtype: Stat Modifier
Enchanted Armory.png This unit has +2 Defense +1 Resistance