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Hall of the Forefathers.png
Legendary Hall of the Forefathers 15 Knowledge, 150 Population, 150 Dead Population
Type Treasure site
Defenders Set 1: Yeti, Frostling Ice Queen, Frostling White Witch, Frostling Royal Guard, Frostling Mammoth Rider
Battlefield Enchantment Glacial Totem.png Glacial Totem Reward A high-level item (depending on the defenders)
When explored, add +15 Knowledge, +150 Population, +150 Dead Population when located within your domain.

Golden Realms Unlocks: 20px Arctica´s Embassy.

Additional info
Average Defender Spawn Strength: ???

Amount of Boss Units: ?
Ideal Amount of Units:
Sale Gold Cap: ???
Excess use mod:
Excess Reward Scale: 0.2
Average Item: ???
Max Number of Item (set 1) or of Unit (set 2):
Item Reward Multiplier: 0.?
Item Set Link:

Arctica´s Embassy 100 Gold, 100 Mana
Type Mystical City Upgrade
Requires Hall of the Forefathers.png Hall of the Forefathers in the city's domain
Unlocks the production of Yeti for this city.