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Heart of the Blight +200 Happiness, +10 Casting Points
Type Treasure site / Heart
Defenders Blight Tusk Boar, Dread Spider Queen, Dread Spider Baby, Goblin Untouchable, Kobold, Shadow Stalker, Blight Elemental, Lesser Blight Elemental
Battlefield Enchantment None Reward None
When explored, add +200 Happiness and +10 Casting Points when located within your domain.
  • Removes all Blight terrain happiness penalties for your units and cities
  • Adds Poisoned.png Inflict Severely Poisoned to produced units when in a city's domain
  • This structure can be razed
Additional info
Tactical combat map: Heart of the Blight (AoW_TC_Structure_Heart_of_the_Blight.tam)

Type of site: defenders
Average Defender Spawn Strength: 300 (Medium, x1)
Spawn Boss Units: 0
Spawn Tier 1 Units: True
Ideal Amount of Units: 4