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Gemstone Mine.png
Gemstone Mine +10 Gold, +10 Mana (to be confirmed)
Type Resource site (and thus also Treasure site)
Defenders - 1 set with all Shadow Elf racial units

- 1 set with all Draconian racial units
- Archon Footsoldier, Archon Archer, Archon Paladin, Archon Saint, Archon Avenger

Battlefield Enchantment None Reward Gold
When explored, add +10 Gold, +10 Mana when located within your domain.
Additional info
Tactical combat map: Crystal Tree

Type of site: defenders
Average Defender Spawn Strength: 143 (Very Weak, x1.15)
Spawn Boss Units: 0
Spawn Tier 1 Units: True
Amount of defenders: 3
Excess Reward Scale: 0.25
Excess use mod: Gold
Gold Reward Multiplier: 1
Sale Gold Cap: 100
Value Override: 50