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Larva Pool.png
Larva Pool
Type Spawn site
Defenders Larva, Bombard, Harvester, Lord
Battlefield Enchantment Warp Equipment.png Warp Equipment every turn Reward 1 low level item, mana
Shadow Demons seem to spawn from this strange pool.
Additional info
Spawn T1 units: True

Ideal Amount of Units: 3
Average Defender Spawn Strength: Weak
Defender Value Multiplier: 1.2
Amount of roamers:
Average Roamer Spawn Strength: Very Weak
Spawn Value Multiplier: 1
Spawn T1 units: True
Ideal Amount of Units: 3
Spawn Delay: 9 Turn
Spawn Delay Variance: 2 Turn
Wait On Spawned Unit Death: On Spawned Unit Death
Behaviour type: Raid
Range: 12 hexes
Sleep Chance (chance that the group will not move in a turn): 0
Strength Increase Per Spawn: 100%
Max Proportion to Add: 400%
Roamer list: Larva, Bombard, Harvester, Lord
Sale Gold Cap: 100
Excess use mod: Mana
Excess Reward Scale: 0.25
Average Item Value: 75
Max Number of Item: 1
Item Reward Multiplier: 0.6
The item reward is chosen among the Tier 1 Item Cat reward set