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Legendary Raven's Keep 30 Mana
Type Treasure site
Defenders Fallen Angel, Apprentice, Phantasm Warrior, Wraith King, Wraith
Battlefield Enchantment Mass Curse.png Mass Curse Reward A spell chosen among Secret spells and other spells; average 66 Mana and 39.6 Casting Points
When explored, add +30 Mana when located within your domain.
Additional info
The defender set is exactly the same as the Forbidden Sanctum's set 5 and the reward set is the same as all Forbidden Sanctum's sets.

Tactical Map: AoW_TC_Structure_Treasure_ForbiddenSanctum_Unexplored_00.tam
Average Defender Spawn Strength: 715 (Strong, Spawn Value Modifier: 1.3)
Spawn Tier 1 Units: True
Amount of Boss Units: 1
Ideal Amount of Units: 6
Casting Point Reward Cap: 50
Casting Point Reward Multiplier: 0.3
Excess Reward Scale: 0.25
Excess Reward Mode: mana
Mana Reward Multiplier: 0.2
Sale Gold Cap: 400
Skill Reward Multiplier: 5
Max Number of Skill: 1
The spell reward is chosen among: