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Unit: Hunter Spider Queen RecruitOrigin: Animals
Tier III: 60 Hit Points 36 Movement 11 Defense 12 Resistance Cost: 150 Gold Upkeep: 16 Gold/Turn
Can be summoned with Summon Gargantuan Animal.png Summon Gargantuan Animal (160 Casting Points 28 Mana/Turn)
  • The most in-elegant way to force a line break.
  • The most in-elegant way to force a line break.

Experience Ranks:
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Accepted Override Parameters:

  • rank (0,1,2,3,4)
  • race (high elf, human, halfling, draconian, dwarf, orc, goblin, frostling, tigran)
  • upgrade,upgrades,upgraded (mystical city upgrades)
  • All lowercase, normal spaces like "altar of bound souls"
  • Does not support 4th upgrade yet.
  • size (small, large)
  • Display size, has nothing to do with the unit's in-game size
  • small - hides abilities not marked (CSS class) as "damage" or "important" (should only be used in special circumstances)
  • large - displays all abilities as normal