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Mythical Lost City 15 Gold, 15 Knowledge, 100 Population
Type Treasure site
Defenders Glutton, Naga Matriarch, Naga Slither, Naga Guardian, Feathered Serpent
Battlefield Enchantment None Reward 1-2 Items, Gold
When explored, add +15 Gold, +15 Knowledge, +100 Population when located within your domain.

Golden Realms Unlocks: Temple of the Eternal Serpent.png Temple of the Eternal Serpent.

Additional info
Inhabitants or Defenders: Inhabitants

Default Spawn Strength: Very Strong
Spawn Value Multiplier: 1.1 (900x1.1 = 990 = Average Defender Spawn Strength)
Amount of Boss Units: 1
Spawn Tier One Units: true
Ideal Amount of Units: 6
Tactical Maps: AoW_TC_Structure_Treasure_LostCity_Unexplored.tam
Excess Reward Scale: 0.25
Excess use mod: Gold
Item Max Random: 2
Item Reward Multiplier: 1.2 (average items' value: 1080)
Item Set Link: Tier3 Item Cat
Sale Gold Cap: 500

Temple of the Eternal Serpent.png
Temple of the Eternal Serpent 100 Gold, 100 Mana
Type Mystical City Upgrade
Requires 20px Lost City in the city's domain
Enables production of the Feathered Serpent