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Lost Library.png
Mythical Lost Library 10 Knowledge
Type Treasure site
Defenders Evangelist, Apprentice, Reanimator, Human Priest, Goblin Blight Doctor, Orc Priest, High Elf Storm Sister, Dwarf Forge Priest, Frostling White Witch, Tigran Mystic, Draconian Elder (two T3 among them)
Battlefield Enchantment Prismatic Spire Reward A spell; average ???Knowledge
When explored, add +10 Knowledge when located within your domain.

Golden Realms Unlocks: Magic Academy.png Magic Academy.

Additional info
Amount of defenders: 5

Default Spawn Strength: Strong
Spawn Value Multiplier: ? (900x1 = 900 = Average Defender Spawn Strength)
Excess Reward Scale: 0.?
Excess use mod: Knowledge
Knowledge Reward Multiplier: 0.?
Sale Gold Cap: ???
Skill Reward Multiplier: ?
Skills Max Random: 1
The spell reward is chosen among:

Ability: Magic Academy Strength: N/A
Type: Passive Subtype: Mystical City Upgrade
Magic Academy.png This Support.png Support unit has +1 Melee and Ranged damage and +1 Resistance
  • This damage boost only affect the ability's primary channels.