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Ability: Mark Blood Sacrifice Range: Touch
Type: Active Subtype: Debuff, Mystical City Upgrade
Mark Blood Sacrifice.png Marks target enemy unit as a Blood Sacrifice.png Blood Sacrifice
Ability: Blood Sacrifice Duration: Turn
Type: Passive Subtype: Debuff
Blood Sacrifice.png When this unit dies, all its enemies gain Blood Boon.png Blood Boon.
  • Inflicted by Mark Blood Sacrifice.png Mark Blood Sacrifice
Ability: Blood Boon Duration: Turn
Type: Passive Subtype: Status Effect
Blood Boon.png This unit has been healed for 10 Hit Points and gained +2 Physical Damage Melee damage after a Blood Sacrifice.png Blood Sacrifice.
  • Does not heal or buff Machine.png Machine units
  • The heal can work on the same target multiple times, but the damage boost does not stack.