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Ability: Swallow Whole
Type: Passive Subtype: Heal, Damage
Swallow Whole.png This unit's melee attacks have a chance to swallow the target whole. This chance is based on the size of the target and the amount of Hit Points left (only units with 55 Hit Points or less can be swallowed and the chances of swallowing range between 20% and 80%). When successful, this units heals 25 Hit Points.
  • If this unit dies, the last devoured unit will be alive again.
  • If units with Resurgence.png Resurgence get swallowed, they will be alive again if you win the battle.
  • Machine.png Machine, Boat.png Boat, Elemental.png Elemental and Incorporeal.png Incorporeal units cannot be swallowed.
  • Unit chance bonus huge: -0.4
  • Unit chance bonus large: -0.15
  • Unit chance bonus medium: 0
  • Unit chance bonus small: +0.15