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Trading Post +20 Gold
Type Treasure site
Defenders - 1 set per race with all racial units in each set
Battlefield Enchantment None Reward Items, Gold
When explored, add +20 Gold when located within your domain.
Additional info
Tactical combat map: Trading Post (AoW_TC_Structure_Treasure_TradingPost.tam)

Type of site: defenders
Average Defender Spawn Strength: 330 (Medium, x1.1)
Spawn Boss Units: 0
Spawn Tier 1 Units: True
Amount of defenders: 4
Excess Reward Scale: 0.25
Excess use mod: Gold
Max Item Random: 2
Item Reward Multiplier: 0.8
Item Set Link: All Item Cat
Gold Reward Multiplier: 0.2
Sale Gold Cap: 300

Mercenary Camp.png
Mercenary Camp 100 Gold, 25 Mana
Type Mystical City Upgrade
Requires File:Trading Post.png Trading Post in the city's domain
Produced Irregular.png Irregular units have Mercenary Camp.png Mercenary.
Ability: Mercenary Strength: N/A
Type: Passive Subtype: Mystical City Upgrade
Mercenary Camp.png This Irregular.png Irregular has +1 Defense, +1 Physical Damage Melee damage and +1 Ranged Physical Damage.png damage
  • The damage increases apply to all damage channels.