Name: Training Regimen Class (Tier) Warlord (I) Research: 80 Knowledge
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Resource Management
Training Regimen.png
The Gold and Mana production costs of Archer.png Archer, Cavalry.png Cavalry, Infantry.png Infantry, Irregular.png Irregular, and Pikeman.png Pikeman units is reduced by 20%. This sums up with other Production cost reducing factors like Goblin's inherent -10% or Shadowborn Adept's 20px Karissa's Rally -5% instead of a multiplication of these factors. In this case, the total factor would be 0,1+0,2+0,05 = 0,35 = 35% instead of 1-(0,9*0,8*0,95) = 0,316 = 31,6%.
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