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Mythical Ziggurat 30 Gold
Type Treasure site
Defenders Ziggurat Manticore and Henchmen set: All racial Manticore Riders, Phoenix, Watcher, All racial Berserkers, All racial Monster Hunters

Ziggurat Beholder and Henchmen set: Phoenix, Watcher, Tigran Sphinx, Draconian and Tigran Warbreed, Draconian and Tigran Berserker, Draconian Elder, Draconian Flamer, Tigran Mystic, Tigran Shredder
Ziggurat Gold Dragon and Henchmen set: Golden Dragon, Phoenix, all racial DraconianIcon.png Draconian units
Ziggurat Naga set: Glutton, Naga Matriarch, Naga Slither, Naga Guardian, Baby Reed Serpent, Mature Reed Serpent, King Reed Serpent

Battlefield Enchantment None Reward 1-2 Items, 30-60 Gold
When explored, add +30 Gold when located within your domain.

Golden Realms Unlocks: Blood Altar.png Blood Altar.

Additional info
Inhabitants or Defenders: Inhabitants

Default Spawn Strength: Very Strong
Spawn Value Multiplier: 1 (900x1 = 900 = Average Defender Spawn Strength)
Amount of Boss Units: 2 and 3 for the Beholder and Henchmen set
Spawn Tier One Units: false and true for the Beholder and Henchmen set
Amount of defenders: 6
Excess Reward Scale: 0.06 and 0.25 for the Naga set
Excess use mod: Gold
Gold Reward Multiplier: 0 and 0.2 for the Naga set
Item Max Random: 2
Item Reward Multiplier: 1.2 (average items' value: 1080)
Item Set Link: Tier3 Item Cat
Sale Gold Cap: 500

Blood Altar.png
Blood Altar 100 Gold, 100 Mana
Type Mystical City Upgrade
Requires File:Ziggurat.png Ziggurat in the city's domain
  • Produced Support.png Support units have Mark Blood Sacrifice.png Mark Blood Sacrifice.
  • City has -100 Population Population growth.
  • City does not receive happiness penalties when hurry production is done.
Ability: Mark Blood Sacrifice Range: Touch
Type: Active Subtype: Debuff, Mystical City Upgrade
Mark Blood Sacrifice.png Marks target enemy unit as a Blood Sacrifice.png Blood Sacrifice
Ability: Blood Sacrifice Duration: Turn
Type: Passive Subtype: Debuff
Blood Sacrifice.png When this unit dies, all its enemies gain Blood Boon.png Blood Boon.
Ability: Blood Boon Duration: Turn
Type: Passive Subtype: Status Effect
Blood Boon.png This unit has been healed for 10 Hit Points and gained +2 Physical Damage Melee damage after a Blood Sacrifice.png Blood Sacrifice.
  • Does not heal or buff Machine.png Machine units
  • The heal can work on the same target multiple times, but the damage boost does not stack.