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For the benefit of those that decide to help out with the wiki, this is a to-do list, which shall hopefully be kept relatively current. If the wiki ever gets a significant amount of consistent editors, this page should become a bit more formal.

If there are any features or changes you would like to see but don't have the time to edit, please add a comment to the relevant page, and hopefully it can eventually be addressed. If you have any questions, feel free to post on one of the admins talk pages.

Top Priority[]

  • Fixing issues that have been marked under TODO.
  • Adding details with the Beta tag that have changed in the latest patch (1.5) but weren't contained in the patch notes.
  • Updating the wiki with new expansion and update content after April 14th.

Need To Do's[]


  • Acquire nice images relevant to certain pages to avoid excessive walls of text.
  • Expand/Add to Pages that are currently incomplete or missing data.
  • Create Pages that should exist (some subjects below, not necessarily good page names)
    • Random Map Generator
    • Diplomacy
    • Multiplayer
    • Race Relations (after v1.5)
    • PBEM (after v1.5)
    • ...
  • As pages are filled in, add links in text to relevant pages and sections.

Small Edits[]

  • Fix/Report broken links. Usually, these will be links that are expected to take you to a specific section on a certain page, but only take you to the page not the section.
  • Fix typos, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes.
  • Verify the success chance of the abilities that do not have them listed. See Also:


Larger projects to incorporate more information from the game into the wiki.


Add Lore sections. Due to the large amount of information about the Age of Wonders universe, some people may be interested in compiling information pertaining to both the old games and Age of Wonders III.