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Welcome to my guide for the Campaigns!

This is the first level of the Necromancer Campaign, included in Eternal Lords Eternal Lords.


The Frostling clans are gathering. A new High Queen has taken the throne of Midwinter and is ready to choose her consort and reforge the alliance of the clans. Clan Varnheim has a proud history, but my ancestor's dedication to protecting the realm has left our halls in ruins. I am the last lord of our house, I must win the Queen's favour, and secure repayment for our sacrifices.


Mission Intro

The New Queen

I start this journal because I want to document for posterity the last days of Clan Varnheim, or its rebirth. Whatever it will be, it will be decided now.

We once stood firm, a great wall against invaders from the south. When the Commonwealth poured into our lands, we held fast, staining the snow with their blood. But the price was to high, the peace the clans enjoy now was bought with the lives of our ancestors. The other clans do not care about our sacrifices, they are eying our lands as spoils to be taken.

As I approached Midwinter for the coronation, my heart grew heavy. A bond with the new High Queen, Sanhild, could restore my clan to greatness, but I knew I would not be alone in my ambitions. Zoki of clan Brago, wealthiest of the houses, Firic the Theocrat of Clan Eldur, Fjarnor, the Guardian of the Great Glacier; three powerful lords vie for the High Queen's favor.

When I presented myself before the High Queen, the other suitors mocked me, called me the Lord of Rubble and Bone. To see them there, fat on riches bought with the lives of my people, I challenged all three to a Blood Trial. We will do battle on the plains of the heartland, we will shot them the bitter lessons we have learned from war. The last of our clan might die, but we shall face our ancestors with pride.

Hall of the Forefather

I travelled to the Hall of the Forefathers, the sacred place where we bring the bodies of our greatest ancestors. Frozen in ice, their dead faces watch over us, so we do not forget them and may live according to their example, in preparation for our reunion in death.

I have spent countless hours talking to their silence, the moisture in my breath only thickening the ice between us. They do not answer. They have never answered. Clan Varnheim has the greatest warriors among the Frostlings, but what worth are they now, empty shells of what they once were?

"But what if they were not empty?" A woman's voice, from the shadows, "What if they were just waiting for someone? Someone with the will to call them back, someone to restore them to Glory?"

I demanded to know who was there, who had dared pollute this most sacred of halls with such blasphemy. And the I saw her, raven black hair, sharp features, an Elf.

"My name is Melenis" she said, "and I have come to give you your Clan back."

And around me I saw movement, my ancestors, twisting in the ice, struggling to break free, alive once more.

"Show me..." I whispered.


Players on map:

For research, Healers of the Dead.png Healers of the Dead is a Empire Upgrade you'll want soon. Vampiric Hunger.png Vampiric Hunger is also a good upgrade, which can give your Frostling Royal Guards Life Stealing.png Greater Life Stealing with the help of your 2nd Racial Governance level. Also, Desecration.png Desecration is a very useful combat spell to get, as you'll be facing a Theocrat. Lastly, if you don't plan on getting Healers of the Dead.png Healers of the Dead soon, you NEED Produce Reanimator.png Produce Reanimator. Either is required. My personal preference with to use Healers of the Dead.png Healers of the Dead with Frostling White Witches, as the damage boost and ranged damage is very strong against other Frostling.png Frostlings' Fire Weakness.png 40% Fire Damage Weakness, but you can go either way. Later on, make sure to get Damnation.png Damnation. The last one combines very nicely with Rotten Wall.png Rotten Wall on siege defense.


You start of next to a Casting Catalyst and a City Ruins, so get the Catalyst and cast Animate Ruins.png Animate Ruins - you start with it. You surrounding contain an (explored) Hall of the Forefathers, (inside your domain, so you benefit from the Dead Population growth it gives), and a Well of Souls. It's a good idea to clear the Well, as it will give you another source of healing. Ghoul.png Ghouls are weak in combat, so make sure to try and lose none. You can use the Well right away to heal up. Next to the Hall of the Forefathers is a Shrine to the Wizard King, which you should get - when fighting against living units, the Life Drain.png Life Drain it gives is really good, and often heals for as much as you lose health.

Looking a bit wider around you, there are two more city ruins, at around 1,5 days travel each. There's an objective to animate them to, so it's a good plan to start casting Animate Ruins.png Animate Ruins as soon as you can, even if you're not in range left. It has my preference to take the northern one first, but it won't give problems to do them in the other order.

There's a Hall of the Forefathers next to this city, and if you're feeling confident you should clear it.

At this city's ruins, there's a stack of concealed units from Fjarnor. If you animate the ruins before fighting them, you'll get a special message, and you'll have to fight him behind walls. This is a good reason to move your army close enough first, so you can take them out in the open fields. It's also a good place to use the Life Drain Shrine effect.

You should clear the Hall anyway, even though you might otherwise wait for a bit. Aside from the loot, there's a Ghoul.png Ghoul Hero.png Hero inside, named Einar the Icemage. He will carryover with you to the other levels.

You'll notice a couple of bridges here. They have AI blockers, so the AI won't attack you unless you cross these bridges first. Use this to your advantage to build a decent foothold before you engage the AI.

Going south to the third city, you'll encounter some independent frostlings, which will join you. They're living units, and as such heal naturally. This is pretty useful this early, so make good use of them. There's also a couple of refugee camps here, which will provide more Dead Population to your cities, which is good as it takes forever for them to grow.

Just before you reach the third city, notice the Shrine of the Skull Lord, which gives Mark Blood Sacrifice.png Mark Blood Sacrifice (Among others). This is very useful, as this ability also heals Undead.png Undead units.

If Arvik is level three by now (which careful leveling in tactical combat can do), be sure to pick Control Undead.png Control Undead. Lesser Reanimate Undead.png Lesser Reanimate Undead is a good choice as well, but due to the Bone Collector that's on the ruins here, Control Undead.png Control Undead is superior in my opinion.

At this fight, mark the Bone Wyverns as Blood Sacrifice.png Blood Sacrifices, so that you have some healing when you need it. Get the Bone Collector out of Guard Mode(The Shrine also gives Guard Breaker), and attempt to Control it. If it works, great, you've got yourself a decent T3 bruiser unit that you can enjoy. Otherwise, it's not a really big problem.

Reanimate the city, and explore to the south. There's a Boneyard and a Necromantic Circle, both of which you should clear (Control Undead.png Control Undead!). There's a Castle of the Lich King near, which is a good place to clear if your Banshee is still alive, and preferably Elite Gold. This guy does nice amounts of Spirit Damage Spirit damage, which is lethal to the Undead.png Undead in that Castle. Don't fear the Dread Reaper (IF it's even in there...), since it can't use Invoke Death.png Invoke Death on you undead units(but he can on Arvik - keep him either in the back or out of the battle if you're worried. And otherwise, he'll respawn anyway). The Banshee should be able to take it down alone.

It's a good idea to enter this cave entrance.

Inside is a Cannon, which is useful, although not that great, since you lack a way to repair it. You can capture the Fort from some Goblins, which can give neat amount of income. If you're up to it, explore the Tomb, and pick up the treasure - another Bone Collector will spawn behind you. Control Undead.png Control Undead it. If either way succeeds, you can use it to go Tunneling.png Tunneling here. After some Roamer Spawners (Monster's Lair and a Boneyard), there's a Goblin city. It has a Focus Chamber and a Dungeon nearby (Slaughter Pits.png Killing Momentum Death Bringers!). This isn't needed - but it can help.

Around turn 10, Rowlar the Warden will appear next to your capitol with some messages. You're to keep him alive, which isn't easy with his Tigran.png Tigran Frost Weakness.png 20% Frost Weakness and -1 Resistance - he freezes quick when facing Frostling Ice Scapers. Keep him on the back lines, and it's a good idea to pick the Healing.png Healing upgrade on him ASAP - you forces are immune, but he can heal himself. You should attempt to give him experience though, as you're stuck with him for the entire campaign. The best use he has in this level is the pairing with Dread Reapers - Frost Protection.png Warm at Night will boost them to Frost Protection.png 100%Frost Protection, while Savage Rage.png Savage Rage can be cast on them for some neat damage increase. Alternatively, use Yetis, which are also Monster.png Monsters.

Also, you should prepare for meeting the other players. My suggestions would be to guard the eastern border with some Frostling White Witch/Frostling Royal Guard pairings, as the combination is pretty strong. Make sure to develop your southern city - in time, you can build Veteran Death Bringers with Fear Strike.png Fear Strike here, which are pretty strong.

The Theocrat

This will make you attack the Theocrat first. He starts with a nice army, which you should fight in the fields - you don't want to face those Lesser Fire Elementals he has on the walls. When engaging him, make sure you have Desecration.png Desecration researched and the CP to cast it - preferably twice. Against all the Spirit Damage Spirit and Fire Damage Fire damage he has, you almost can't go without the resistance, while your Fire Damage Fire, Frost Frost and Blight Damage Blight damage is amplified through the debuff. If he Disjunction.png Disjuncts it, cast it again. It might not be impossible without this spell, but it makes everything a real lot easier.

His first city is pretty easy to get. You can Hasty Plunder.png Hasty Plunder/Animate Ruins.png Animate Ruins it, or just Ghoul it. It doesn't really matter. Scout his capitol a bit further to the east, and take him out whenever you can.

When you sight his capitol, if you've also seen the lava bridges and their messages underground, the Warlord will now go to war with the Theocrat and the Rogue. This can lighten the stress a little along your eastern border, but don't wait to long - as a Necromancer, it's easier to deal with a Warlord then with a Rogue, so you don't want the Rogue taking over.

After you take him out, there's a Teleporter on the east that leads to the rogue. I suggest just blocking it with a strong stack, or just reinforcing the capitol here. It's worth to upgrade this city if you think you're gonna need much longer - there's a Ziggurat and a Forbidden Sanctum in range, which can lead to Mark Blood Sacrifice.png Mark Blood Sacrifice/Resurgence.png Resurgence Frostling Ice Queens. Those kick ***, ehm, behinds. (And they heal fast strategically due to Healers of the Dead.png Healers of the Dead giving them Heal Undead.png Heal Undead - they're Support.png Supports after all.)

The Warlord

Going south from the Theocrat, parallel to your border with the Warlord. There's a smaller town here that most likely belongs to him(it starts as independent, but he usually gets it pretty soon), and after that it's his capitol. Note the presence of the Shrines here - the Shrine to the Frozen Beauty here gives a nice Frost Aura.png Frost Aura, while the other one gives Regrowth.png Regrowth(!), which works on undead. Use them to buff your troops while you attack his city. He'll usually have some Phalanx close, as well as an assortiment of other racial and class Frostlings. Doesn't pose a problem though - his only elemental damage is Frost, to which most of your units are completely immune. Take him out.

The Rogue

The rogue is located in the south-east corner of the map, accessible either through the Theocrat's teleporter or by going east from the Warlord's domain. He starts of with an Obsidian Dragon, though it's more than possible that he lost it somewhere - for example against some Warlord Phalanx. He's got one dangerous thing, and that's the Shadow Stalkers, which are Frost Frost immune and Incorporeal.png Incorporeal. If you get into a defensive siege, be sure to cast both Damnation.png Damnation and Rotten Wall.png Rotten Wall. The first is the more important one - it reduces the Blight Protection.png 100%Blight Damage Protection of the Stalkers to 40, which opens up a whole lot of ways to kill them, Rotten Wall being the first, all the way up to Death Bringers. Lacking this, your best bets are Yeti and Bone Collectors. The first takes only little damage from the stalkers, and the second deals the most back. Banshees and Dread Reapers may be good as well.

Note that you can use Damnation.png Damnation offensively as well - it can target both friendly and hostile cities. Be sure to use it if there's even one Stalker on the defense.

After taking out all three of them, you will obtain an alliance with Sanhild, and win the scenario.

Mission Outtro

March of the Frostlings

We march south to reclaim Brisska.

We have no time to feast after our victory. I have made an enemy of Melenis. I owe her much, yet she must have known I could never betray the Frostling people or my Queen. Melenis has vanished into the east, throwing curses of vengeance and destruction. Sanhild has gone after her, to try and stop her nefarious plans.

Our High Queen has left it to me to deal with the Tigrans. It is a sign of great favor to be given such a responsibility. No one has seen their kind for over a century, and now they emerge as if by magic. They are moving steadily north, and the lands are changing. The glaciers are melting and in their place come burnt deserts, endless sands shifting in the hot wind. According to Rowlar, it is the work of the followers of the Fire God Yaka, who seek to burn the world, starting where it is coldest, the North.

I shall not permit it. As my forefathers beat back the Commonwealth, I shall beat back these fire-crazed catmen, even if I have to empty every cairn and burial ground in the mountains to do so.

My servants brought me the bodies of my rivals from the Blood Trial, they serve me now as undead trophies, chained to my mammoth as a warning to those who would stand against Clan Varnheim.


  • First level of the Necromancer Campaign.
  • Next level: Of Ice and Fire
  • Max Hero level: 10 (600 Experience Experience)

My estimations:

  • Duration: 40 - 70 Turn turns
  • Difficulty: Medium (If starting passive, but going very aggressive once you start attacking.)