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Vision Range[]

Vision range, expressed in hexes radius, varies based on the abilities of the unit and whether it is on the surface layer or the underground layer. The table below summarizes the different base vision range and the various bonus that apply to it.

Ability Surface vision range Underground vision range
Walking Walking 3 2
Floating Floating 4 2
Flying Flying 5 4
Night Vision Night Vision +0 +2
True Sight True Sight (reveals concealed units in vision range of the unit) +0 +0
Vision Range Upgrade Vision Range Upgrade (stackable) +1 +1
Giant Giant +2 +0
Explorer Explorer +1 to boats (and cities) +1 to boats (and cities)
Embarked Embarked (malus canceled by the Mariner Mariner ability and the Advanced Seafaring Advanced Seafaring tech) -1 -1
Shrine to the Fickle Mermaid +2 +0
Dark Sun Cosmic Event -2 -2

Units have a minimum vision range of 1

So for instance Goblin Swarm Darter have a vision range of 2+2=4 (Walking Walking and Night Vision Night Vision) underground and 3 on the surface.

Several items provide Vision Range Upgrade Vision Range Upgrade.


Several abilities allow units to be concealed. Concealed units will not be visible even if they are inside your vision range, except if you are directly adjacent to them or if your units have True Sight True Sight.

True Sight True Sight reveals concealed units only in the vision range of the unit possessing the ability. A Dwarf Forge Priest in a surface metropolis for instance will reveal concealed units only on a 3 hexes radius around him, not over the whole metropolis' domain.

More details on how the AI deals with concealment can be found on the page dedicated to concealment.